Best Sex Chat SitesSex chat sites are an amazing way to help you unwind by chatting to sexy girls over webcam.

There are a variety of adult online chat sites with a whole host of features to keep you entertained.

Below I will explain how they work, what you can expect when you sign up to one of these sites and finally which are the best sex chat sites.

How they work

If you’re into your dirty chat online, then a service that allows you to talk to like minded women will be right up your street.

Sex chat rooms work by allowing you to select a model, viewing a group chat and then paying for a private show which includes a cam-to-cam session and the ability to chat to the girl either with voice or typing in a chat box.

A new breed of sex chat sites has come into fruition over the years and involves you using a roulette method of finding girls to chat to.

What you can expect

With so many different sites out there, it’s hard to know which one you should be choosing. But the reality is they are all the same, it just comes down to two things… 1) how many girls do they have? And 2) what are the features like?

A typical sex chat room looks something like this:

  • You sign up for a free account
  • You buy credits (some places call them tokens). These are used in place of money and you give them to the girls you like
  • You have the option of entering a group chat which involves you talking to one girl or a couple on camera with a chat box. But there are dozens if not hundreds of other guys on there too.
  • If you like the girl, then you can take her into a private chat. This means you are now one on one, but you are paying for that privilege. You can either pay her a bonus upfront or you can ask her what tokens she needs so you can see the good stuff
  • Once the show is over, that’s it. You can either go for round two with the same girl or move onto another girl

Best sex chat sites

So what are the best sex room sites and how are the top site better than the others? Well it all comes down to a variety of factors really. Here’s a bunch of things that I look for:

  • Models quality – How hot are the girls?
  • Site features – How up to date is the site and it’s features?
  • Number of models – Are there enough models to choose from or am I stuck with the same ones every time?
  • Customer support – What is the customer support like?

After using hundreds of sites over the years, I can honestly say with confidence that the best adult chat sites are the following:

1. IM Live – By far the best

This is the oldest sex chat site online and it’s been the top ranking one for a while. The reason? Simple, because it has awesome customer support and the features are second to none. But the site itself is looking a little outdated these days.


My top site for adult chatting for sure.

2. Live Jasmin

This is my second choice purely because it offers professional models in studios. So if you’re into your upper class chatting, then this is the site for you. However if you like to slum it with amateurs, then you should check out one of the others.

Live Jasmin

Awesome adult chat rooms here.

3. Chaturbate

This is without a doubt the top site for amatuers. The amount of models is endless and they really do work hard to please you, so your tokens will go far. Don’t be shy to play around with a few models to get the hand of the features. They can be tricky.


So to wrap things up. You really want to take each service for a test drive to see which one you like the most. The list above has been created to give you a better understanding of what type of quality you should be looking for and which sites won’t rip you off.

The last piece of advice I would give is this. Don’t part with your money on a sex chat site if you don’t get to preview the girls first. This is a waste of money and will just end up frustrating you. Oh and cover your camera! This can happen if you don’t.