How to get your ex girlfriend backWant to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back? Then stop being a pussy and read EVERYTHING below, then follow the steps outlined and you will get her back, I guarantee it.

Oh man, splitting up with your chick HURTS! The pain hits you in your gut, in your heart and within 1 week you become a pathetic little boy, walking around like a lost puppy.

For most guys, this is what happens when they break up with their girl…

  • Call her constantly and leave voice messages on her phone crying or sobbing
  • Buy her stupid gifts like flowers, chocolate and bears. Which are sent to her home or workplace
  • Message her on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp multiple times a day
  • Wait for her outside of work or hang around places where you know she’ll be

Ugh! Man, I’m cringing just writing this…. but it’s totally true.

Then, if that’s not bad enough, they wonder why the girl doesn’t want them back! It’s utter madness.

To the guys out there that don’t know WHY your ex wants you back, let me break it down for you:

WAIT! Before you do anything, you should probably check this out.

Why your ex girlfriend doesn’t want you back (Pssst… here’s a hint, you’re a loser)

If she was the one that ditched you (most likely), that’s why you’re here. To figure out what magic words you can say to get her back.

Well, forget the words for a second. You need to think about back engineering what you did wrong, so you can make things right again.

So let’s begin with your mishaps:

  1. You are being NEEDY: Girls absolutely HATE needy guys. Now I know it’s not something you’re doing logically or even consciously. But I can assure you, it’s something that you need to stop ASAP. Calling her, texting her, waiting for her outside work… daymn man, this is just what a loser does, not someone she wants to sleep with.
  2. You are being the guy she lost interest in: She dumped you for a reason. Now it’s up to you to figure out what that reason is. Because then you need to work on NOT being that guy so she falls in love with you again.
  3. You are not displaying attractive qualities: Women are attracted to multiple things when they see a man. Things like leadership, confidence, decent looks (not model looks), status, social popularity etc. If you are just eating potato chips in your underwear, whilst watching Netflix, then you’re not attractive. Period.

How to get your ex girlfriend back (WARNING: This will take some time)

Ok, so now you understand what you’re probably doing wrong. Let’s move on how you can make things right again and get the lady you love… back in your life.

A recent breakup

  1. Relax… don’t get overly emotional: Your emotions will try and get the better of you. Don’t let them. If you allow them to control your actions, you will end up repeating the cycle of pussy boy behaviour.
  2. Leave it a while: You need to leave it a couple of weeks at least. This means NOT contacting her at all. Let her sweat and make it look like you don’t care.
  3. Contact her again: If she doesn’t get in touch with you first. Get in touch with her and ask her out for a coffee. Say that you’re just meeting as friends and that’s it. On the meetup, be cool. Don’t be a little bitch. Just be relaxed and say to her, listen it’s cool that you’re not together and you’re happy being friends.
  4. Keep meeting with her: After the coffee meetup. Keep meeting up with her just as friends. This is important. After a few lunches, coffee meetups etc. Ask her out for a casual drink after work one night.
  5. Kiss her: After a few drinks on your night out. Go in for the kill and kiss her. Then you can take it slow from there.

When she is no longer single

  1. Stay calm: This one is going to be tricky. But you have to remain calm, because if you fuck things up now, you will never get her back.
  2. Work on a better you: Now it’s time to give yourself a new look, update your personal appearance, social life and Facebook account. Make it look like you’re LOVING life without her and do things that you said you would never do when you were with her.
  3. Wait: This is a waiting game now. She will notice your updates, your pictures and videos and jealousy will set in. Maybe she is missing out on something. This is when she will contact you.

After a while, like a year or more

  1. Send her a message: Email her on Facebook and say that it’s been a while since you last saw each other and it would be call to go out for a coffee/catchup. She will agree and you can run the same game from the “recent breakup” phase.
  2. Keep working on yourself: Make it a priority to better yourself every day. Read more, exercise more, speak to more girls and become a better you.

What else can you do?

Above are some solid tips which you can use right now to start getting your ex girlfriend back. But if you want her back NOW, then you need the hardcore stuff. I would recommend this:


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That’s it?

Yes dude, that really is it. There are no magic words, no magic techniques or formulas. Basically you have screwed this up and you now need to work hard to make it right. Do everything I’ve mentioned above and I promise you, she WILL get back with you. Good luck.

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