A Secret I Learned From a Frog

I learned an attraction secret from a frog… and there’s a good chance this secret will instantly double your success with women.

Yes, that’s right…

Years ago a friend of mine told me a story about a bunch of little frogs who decided to have a race up a huge tower.

Whomever hops to the top of the tower first would be the winner, they determined.

A huge crowd gathered around the little frogs. No one believed the tiny frogs even had a chance at making it to the top of the tower.

People from the crowd heckled the little guys with: “You’re way too small to climb that tower, you’ll never make it!”

And guess what?

Heaps of frogs slid off the tower.

The crowd heckled louder, and the rest of the frogs tumbled down – except for one. The crowd continued to berate and snicker at him. But he slogged his way to the top.

Do you know why?

He was deaf.

There’s an important lesson here about attracting and succeeding with women you may already realize. If not, don’t worry. I’m going to discuss it in a minute.

But first…

Have you ever noticed that most ladies men see reality different from the average man?

An ordinary man, for example, might perceive a woman as showing little to no interest in him.

But transplant a ladies man’s brain into his skull and he’ll see the same woman as a little pervert who can’t keep her dirty paws off him.

Though, my friend, this is only half the story…

Similar to the deaf frog, most ladies men are blind and deaf to certain facets of reality. And this is a big part of what makes them disgustingly good at attracting women.

When a woman with the soul of a filthy virus hisses a crippling putdown, most men feel like she’s pulling their heart out and stepping on it.

But the ladies man boots these words out of his reality. Or interprets them as meaning: She’s trying to play hard to get because she knows I’m a good catch.

If a ladies man approaches a woman and she spouts, “Scat loser!” he doesn’t have an “I’m gonna cry” mentality. Instead, he fails to notice the bitter words flowing from her lips.

Most mortal men have a voice of doubt that snakes into their ears every time they want to push forward with a woman. If they want to approach a girl, the voice might sneer, “She’s out of your league. She’d never go for you.” If they want to kiss her, the voice of doubt might scream, “She’s not attracted to you! Spare yourself the embarrassment!”

Sound familiar?

The ladies man, similar to ordinary men, has a voice of doubt too. But because he’s deaf to negative forces, he can’t hear the voice. The only time his hearing improves is when the voice starts saying things that empower him to take action with women.

“Can an ordinary man see reality like a ladies man?” you might be wondering.

Yes, any man can learn to see the world like a ladies man does. The key is to develop the right beliefs for succeeding with and attracting women. Beliefs create a direction or focus of attention for the mind.

One of my friends, for example, believes women aren’t attracted to him. Because his focus of attention is on women not feeling attraction toward him, he’s always noticing how women aren’t attracted to him.

Likewise, I’ve seen women who looked like they wanted him so bad that they’d have sold their children into slavery to get a piece of him. But he couldn’t see it because that’s not where his focus of attention is.

On the other hand, I know a guy barely hovering above 5’3” whose belly juts out further than his hyperthyroid eyes. He drinks like a fish and stinks like a skunk. And to make matters worse, he’s missing a hand.

It used to make me cringe to see him approach women. He’d almost always start off on the wrong foot. I’d think: “They aren’t just a little turned off by him; they’d rather be torn to shreds by a pack of rabies infested hyenas.”

But he doesn’t see this. He believes all women want him. Like a high powered laser beam he’s always focusing on and looking for every aspect in which women are mushrooming with love for him.

Because of this… he’s blind as a bat to women wanting him to disappear quicker than a turd plunging down the toilet.

But something weird happens in his interactions with women. The first time I witnessed it, it gave me the creeps. (Note: What you’re about to read is an important piece to why ladies men are devastatingly effective with women).

He takes women from wanting to shoot pepper spray in his eyes to feeling compelled to kiss him. He can mutate a churning stomach into a belly fully of attraction.

“But how?” you might be thinking.

There are some deep psychological reasons…

Most people are lumbered with weak and pliable beliefs. More often than not, when two people are interacting, the person with the weaker belief system takes on the beliefs of the person with the stronger.

What this means for you is that…

If a woman starts off believing you’re less attractive than a fetus with a cigar in his mouth, yet you possess the unwavering belief that she’s attracted to you, there’s a high probability she’ll start believing this too.

But I should warn you…

If you don’t have the unwavering belief that a woman is attracted to, chances are, she’ll plunge you into a reality where success with her is slim to none.

The good news is… I’ve spent a lot of time putting together a book that contains the exact tools, skills, and exercises to developing an ironclad belief system.

As a result, many men just like you have been developing unwavering beliefs systems, giving them the power and confidence to generate attraction inside the women they desire.

But this only covers the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll learn inside my book. It’s a world class education on dating and attracting and succeeding with the women you desire.

Just like many others have been doing, you too can catapult your current lifestyle with women by getting your hands on a copy of my book right now. You deserve it.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I think you owe it to yourself to start succeeding with the women you really want.

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