Being the Prize

I’ve got a question for ya… Do you know how far the average man gets with a woman? Not far at all.

Let’s take a bar or a nightclub, for example.

Many a man’s success at a bar is no better than brief conversations with three or four women, all of which materialize into zilch.

When the average collective male gets a woman’s digits, locks lips with a stranger, or pulls a female from the bar to his bedroom, he thinks to himself, “I got lucky,” because it doesn’t happen to him often.

To find out why most men do poorly in the single scene trenches, keep reading. The answer might surprise you.

Before revealing one the most mutilating mistakes 90% of men make with women, I want to let you in on a secret that dawned on me a few years back.

And contained within the words you’re about to read is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – keys to succeeding with women.

When a successful ladies man approaches a woman lumbered with a wretched heart and she proverbially mauls him with the words, “Get lost loser!” things usually take a bazaar turn for the better.

Within minutes, the ice queen is laughing and flirting and putting her little paws all over him.

What’s goin’ on here? What’s up with the sudden and drastic shift in attitude? Does he possess some secret pickup line?


But… something more subtle is taking place.

If a woman, for example, hisses a crippling putdown, he doesn’t pelt away wearing an existential funk ten times the size of his deflated ego.

He, instead, charges forward like a vicious bulldog unscathed by her less than flattering words.

“What allows him to lope forward?” you may be wondering.

Here’s a story that might shed some light…

Once thought impossible, in 1985 Ted Arcidi bench pressed over 700 pounds. Others followed, and benching 700 plus lb. became a difficult yet achievable feat for a lifter.

Yet from 1985 to 2002 the collective lifter believed the human body wasn’t capable of enduring an 800 lb. bench press.

Then in 2002 Ryan Kennelly shattered that theory by benching over 800.

But here’s what’s eerie…

The number of men currently benching 800 plus pounds hovers into the double digits.

Some say this progress is due to lifters wearing super-shirts, which, supposedly, help bounce the weight off their chest.

This might be part of it. But there’s another key ingredient – one that relates to attracting women.

Here’s a hint…

Think of your favorite sport: football, baseball, gymnastics, boxing… and so on, for example.

Within that sport at some point in time there was at least one barrier athletes believed impossible to break.

But then, eventually, an athlete blasted the barrier to smithereens followed by a barrage of other athletes annihilating the barrier too.

Here’s my point…

By Ryan Kennelly doing the impossible – benching 800 pounds – he broke a mental barrier in the minds of many a power lifter. That’s why so many athletes followed Ryan in breaking the 800 lb mark.

When It Comes To Attracting Women Many Guys Have Mental Barriers.

When a woman barks, “I’m not interested!” or chirps “scat loser!” or hisses “I wouldn’t do you if you were the last man on earth!” most men feel succeeding with her is an impossible uphill battle.

But the ladies man doesn’t just think success with her is possible; he thinks it’s highly probable. He isn’t burdened with the mental barriers of most men because success for him is normal.

Here’s a big secret about women…

Almost always, how a woman responds to a man is corollary to how she assumes other women respond to him.

As Soon As A Woman Senses That It’s Normal For Him to Succeed With Women, She Begins Perceiving Him As A Prize She’s Compelled To Possess!

That’s why the ladies man can go from being verbally assaulted by a rhymes-with-witch to making out with her a few minutes later.

You might be thinking: “Having no mental barriers is great and all. But I have them. Most people have them. And how in the world is success going to be normal for me if I haven’t had much of it?”

The Biggest Key To Smashing Mental Barriers & Making Success Your Normal, Everyday Reality Is Pushing Your Comfort Zone.

The biggest mistake men make, holding them back from heaps of success with women, is not pushing their comfort zone.

We all have a different comfort zone.

Perhaps just looking a woman in the eyes or saying “hi” to her is a big feat?

Maybe you feel comfortable starting conversations with women but the idea of kissing a woman a few minutes after meeting her makes you a bit queasy?

Whatever your comfort zone is, you probably could benefit from expanding it. We all could.

Here’s how I took my comfort zone from very small to mammoth in size…

Years ago I was painfully shy. Even the thought of approaching female strangers made me shudder with fear.

So I set a goal for myself of looking three women in the eye and saying “hi.” This was so far out of my comfort zone it took me twelve hours to complete. But I made myself do it.

Soon my comfort level grew and saying “hi” to three women became no big deal.

My next objective was to say “hi” to ten women in a single day. This was quite a feat but I did it.

Then my mission was to actually engage a woman in a conversation. Scary stuff for me but sooner than later, the mission was accomplished

After that, I set a goal of approaching three different women and engaging them in conversation over the course of a single evening. Then five. Then eight. Then twelve.

My next ambition was to rub a woman’s back minutes after meeting her. Strange, I know. But I knew a ladies man from high school who used to do this. It blew my mind. I wanted to be able to do what he did.

Soon this became well within my comfort zone and I found myself always giving women I’d just met back rubs.

Then my objective was to… gulp… kiss a woman I’d only known for a few minutes. I kept practicing this until it became the norm for me.

Then one night I was out with a friend of mine who witnessed me kiss six women that night. He was blown away and inquired, “Did you get their phone numbers?”

But the sad reality was…

I Didn’t Even Get One Of Their Numbers!

Back then it seemed weird and felt uncomfortable asking for a woman’s phone number – even when I’d already kissed her.

But I pushed my comfort zone, and started asking for women’s phone numbers. I got really good and accrued a pile full of numbers. Yet I was petrified to call any of the numbers.

I forced myself, though, to call two numbers a day. And soon I mastered talking to women on the phone and setting up a time to meet.

Next I learned how to take them back to my house and get intimate with them. And the story goes on.

Here’s my point…

I didn’t attempt in one night to go from barely feeling comfortable muttering “hi” to the opposite sex to confidently planting a kiss on a woman within the first few minutes of meeting her.

I took it one step at a time.

I did what the Japanese call “kaizen,” which means incremental improvement. Each day I’d push my comfort zone a tiny bit. Over the course of a few months I achieved massive improvement.

But there’s one thing I haven’t mentioned and want to come clean about…

When I was starting out I didn’t have a mentor who’d figured out all of the pieces to attracting and succeeding with women.

Not only did I have the challenge of pushing my comfort zone, but also had to figure out on my own the best ways to progress from one step to the next with women.

If I’d known then what I know now, I would have gotten where I wanted to be in a fraction of the time.

The good news for you is that I’ve put all of the secrets I’ve discovered from countless hours of trial and error into a book.

You’ll get a complete education on attracting women where many men just like you have been successfully mastering the exact steps to consistently approach, engage, attract, and become intimate with the women they desire.

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