Gambler’s Openers (from PUA Training)

Here are two of my openers which I came up with and teach on bootcamps.

The Present Opener

This is an indirect opener which works really well for day game.“Hey guys, I need your help with something. My friend has had to rush out of the UK urgently on business, and he’s given me £200 to get his girlfriend a birthday present, and I don’t have a clue what to get her! Any suggestions?” You can expand on the opener with the following lines:“What would you like to get you for your birthday?”“Shall I get one big present or lots of little ones?”As the set gives you information about what they suggest you buy, they will also be giving you information about themselves. You can use what they say as hooks, either by making assumptions about them or playfully challenging their suggestions.

The Engagement Opener

This opener creates drama, and is very effective in getting the whole attention of the group, and will often serve to kick start a broader conversation. “Hey guys, I need a quick opinion on something. How long do you think you have to be with someone before you get engaged? Because my friend has been going out with his girlfriend for three months, and we wants to propose to her tomorrow.Personally I think it’s way too soon, but he really loves the girl.He’s getting here in twenty minutes, and when he arrives I want to be honest and tell him that I think he’s making a mistake, but I’m worried that if I do that he might disown me as a friend. Like I said, he really loves her! What should I do?”You can expand on the opener with the following lines: What would you say to your friend in that situation?How soon is too soon to get engaged?The great thing about this opener is that it introduces drama into the situation, as your friend is arriving in twenty minutes, and is on the verge of making a life changing decision. This will probably be more exciting than whatever they were talking about, and girls will always be keen to give their opinion on marriage.

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