Girlfriend Test

Here is the girlfriend test per request. It is really very simple.

When a girl checks your status. “Do you have a girlfriend?

Say, “To be my girlfriend (or lover) is a prestigious and exclusive thing. There’s a test.”

Curiosity being what it is, she will want to take the test. There are three multiple-choice questions. Take out a pen and write the correct answers on her palm but forbid her to look. Then ask her the questions while you hold her hand closed. You should make up your own, but here are some example questions.

  1. Which do you enjoy more? A shower or a warm bath?
  2. What is the sexiest food? Whipped crème, chocolate syrup or strawberries?
  3. What feels better? Kisses on your neck or nibbling on your ear?

The correct answers are bath, strawberries and kisses on the neck.

  • Most times she will answer the first two correctly. The last question is up for grabs.
  • The crucial thing is that the last question is some sort of intense kino or kissing that you can do right then.
  • If she gets it wrong: Whisper in her ear “I can’t be with you if you really believe this (nibble ear) feels better than this (kiss neck).”
  • If she gets it right: “I’m glad you like this (nibble or kiss). It is so much better than this (kiss or nibble).”
  • Make sure you kiss and nibble before you let go of her hand.
  • If she gets all the questions wrong give her a playfully hard time about it.
  • This test is used mostly after you have some connection. If a girl checks your status it usually means she is interested. But you may want to try it as an opening – who knows.
  • There are many variations including writing something clever on her hand instead of the answers, etc. Someday I may post my SuperTest. But I’m sure posters to this group can come up with some creative ones.
  • The purpose of putting the answers in her hand is so she knows, as she is taking the test, that there are correct answers which she may or may not get right.
  • Whether she gets them right may or may not matter to you. I usually don’t care but I have been known to walk away from a hot girl when she got a question wrong.
  • She will also respect you for putting the interaction at risk. You are further demonstrating you are not just accepting any girl.
  • If she did not have the answers in her hand she would think you may just let her pass.
  • If she cheats by feeling out the letters then she really likes you. You don’t need to call her on it. Just proceed. But if you want you can just write it on a piece of paper, put it in her hand and then close it with your hand on top.

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