Guide to Buying Temperature pt. 6


When you qualify the chick to you, you’ve now conveyed to her that you’re interested in her for reasons BEYOND her being a nice piece of ass So BEFORE, the reason girls in public gatherings would snuff you off when you showed interest was because she thought “he only wants to fuck me”. By making her chase, and then showing her WHY you’ve found yourself interested in her, she now thinks “well he showed me a signal of interest, but I EARNED it, so its because I’m a Libra and because he felt comfortable talking to me and because I told him I got an A+ in my psych100 class” (If you’re interested to read more on this, you can read “pickup of HB10GF” post of mine in my archive, around late last spring, to review how I qualify chicks to me, to convince them they earned it)

If I take a girl’s phone#, I find I MUST qualify her prior to taking it. This is because the MERE ACT of phoning her can be a signal of interest. But if I’ve run my qualification phase, then its NO PROBLEM that I’m telegraphing some interest by phoning, since its WARRANTED. BY QUALIFYING THE GIRL, SHE CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT BEING AT HIGH BUYING TEMPERATURE – SHE DOESN’T FEEL LIKE A SLUT AND SHE APPRECIATES IT. Have you guys ever teased a girl and got her back into your car. But you can’t KEEP HER IN STATE INDEFINETELY. This is because she comes out of state if you stop running game on her (VERY hard in a moving car while you’re trying to drive her back to your place). Instead, qualify her, so she’ll WILLINGLY STAY IN STATE (aka buying temperature).She’s gone into buying temperature, she’s chased you, she’s EARNED your attention. So now its *OK* that you’re showing interest at this point. She’ll be fine with it – of course.

If you plan to give an SOI in your game, its at THIS POINT that it is less likely to blow you out.LOGISTICS: Working out logistics is important.

1) Chicks CONSTANTLY look at eachother while they’re being pushed into buying temperature.

Watch while you sarge, as they CONSTANTLY keep looking at one another to see what state they’re in. If they give the “girl code” look that one is not in state, they ALL leave. Chicks NEED to feel that ALL their friends are feeling it TOO, so they don’t get looked down on by their friends. This is why social proof is SO important in public gatherings. If ONE chick is not at the SAME buying temperature, then she SEES that her friend will fuck you if she leaves her alone, and she drags her away. You must NOT put a girl TOO FAR into buying temperature in front of her friends, unless you keep them together.

BTW: One reason chicks like socially proofed guys is that they SEE that many other chicks have gone into buying temperature, so its “OK” to allow themselves to do so. Also, if you’ve read my routine where I get my wingman in on 2sets where his chick isn’t liking him, I say “your friend is ignoring my friend.. I don’t want him to be lonely.. I’m gonna go”, and then YOUR chick will start saying to her locked up friend “no, he’s cool.. I like him he’s cool.. blah blah”, and all of a sudden the previously locked up friend now OPENS UP to your wingman, and now BOTH chicks will fuck you.

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