High Dramas and Changing States

I was hanging with Style (aka CPowles) last weekend, bitching about how girls can change state so quickly.

One thing that he said that really stood out to me was:

“Most girls that we game are totally into us within seconds.  At the same time, they can totally hate us for saying one wrong thing.  But if we accept that

they love us within seconds, we have to accept that they can hate us with the same degree of extremity”.


That’s the thing.  You can be gaming a girl, and out of nowhere she just starts disliking you. I remember back last week, I had something really deflating happen to me.  This really got to me.  I actually wrote a long post about it on my school computer, but it was deleted due to a technical problem. Sickboy007 and I gamed up these two fun girls a few weeks back, while he was up visiting with me in Kingston (at the campus club).  Nothing really came of it, but they thought we were cool.  I see them again and they open me.  I chat up my blondie (who looks like Trista from “The Bachelorette”), and she’s really into me.  It’s really on.  Like REALLY on.  She loves me.  Like its not that C&F type attraction, where she swats you and giggles.  It’s like full doggy dinner bowl look, where she’s thinking about having your children.

So I’m about 2-3 hours into the set at this point, on top of the 45 minutes I’d run with SB007.  It’s starting to hit into midgame at this point, and I’m just comfort building.  The kino is really reciprocal, and its really great.  I’m really liking her, because whenever a girl really likes me not just as a C&F guy, but as a person, I have a real soft spot for it.

I say to her, “You know what.. You make me feel really good.. I want to make you feel like that also.. I’m going to treat you like a princess”.  She’s like “Really?  OMG, that’s so awesome.. I really want to see you again..”  I say “Yeah.. I’m definitely going to.. I know you don’t deserve it, but I’ll do it anyway..”

This was supposed to be tongue and cheek.  A fucking JOKE.  It’s a field tested joke at that, that I use all the time in order to diffuse girls who realize that they really don’t deserve it, but figure that since they make me feel good that I’ll do the same in spite of their LSE, etc etc.

But this girl freaks.  She’s like “What?? You think I’m a SLUT???” and she loses state.  It’s OVER.

I try joking with her, and running all my turn-around material.  I have piles of this stuff that I’ll use.  Everything from Style’s stuff with the whole “I grew up with sisters and we tease eachother as a sign of affection”, to C&F stuff, to sincere apology which I’ll sometimes use if I’m deep into rapport.

Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.

She hates me now.  Fucking hates me.  Does it matter that she’s hung out with me and we’re having a great time for the last few hours?  Nope.

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