How To Build A Body Women Can’t Resist

You workout to look good, that is no mystery. The real mystery is what looks good to women.

Guys too often make the mistake of working out to impress other guys by trying to be the alpha male. Sure the 300 pound bodybuilder lifting the 150 pound dumbbells might be impressive to power lifters and other bodybuilders, but do most women actually find this kind of enormity attractive?

The answer is no, research tells us that women in general are not attracted to overly muscled guys, they prefer a well built guy who isn’t excessively big.

And if you think you can intuitively guess at your ideal size you’re probably wrong. There is also research to show that guys typically overestimate the size they think women will like buy as much as 30 pounds! So if you can’t trust your intuitions, how can you find out what kind of body you need to be building?

There is a specific mathematical formula for measuring the ideal male body shape and size that women will find most attractive and that other men will be envious of. By applying these specific measurements you can also determine the most effective workout that will get you into this ideal shape.

Forget bodybuilding workouts with the endless goal of “getting bigger”, or power lifting workouts designed to make you strong, but shaped like a tree stump.

As superficial as it might sound, we all want to look good and reap the rewards that our image oriented society bestows upon the best looking people. Regardless of whether or not our society is right or wrong, it’s definitely true that more attractive people are treated better and given more privilege. You can’t change society, but you can change your body. You might as well cash in on the benefits of being one of the good looking people.

Start working out with the specific purpose of looking better and enjoy the rewards that will come your way.

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