How to Convey Standards, pt. 2

You can also fish out their answers pretty easily. Like I’ll say “You’re funny. Actually wait. You’re kind of fiesty. Are you a snuggler?” Notice this makes no sense, but I just stack little 101s around the question. She’ll either say yes or no, and you PRETEND like you didn’t understand her answer and just plow through with either “Are you one of those girls who thinks that if she snuggles with her guy for like 8 hours while she’s SLEEPING that she somehow got in 8 extra hours of snuggle time or some shit like that?” -or- “Are you one of those little player girls who can’t chill and just lie in bed and feel TOTALLY comfortable?” This is a very easy structure. Just get her answer, and ignore it like you were still on your thought and didn’t totally register what she said. Like as if you’re completing a thought that was already about to come out. The same goes for “Do you have a bellybutton ring?” She’ll show you that she either does or does not, and then if she doesn’t you say “OK, good” and if she does then say “OMG, don’t show me that” and make her put it away as if you’re afraid that you’ll succumb to her charms.

Make a list of what you want in a girl, and don’t be afraid to blatantly tell it to the girl and make her jump through your hoops. Don’t be afraid to tell her you don’t like her anymore, or that she’s “like one of those cool girls in highschool that made fun of nerds”.

I’ve found this is a key piece solution to the qualification phase. Its so powerful because:

-it implies you have standards, and were willing to walk away

-it gets her jumping through your hoops, often lying just to stay in your good graces

-it gets her WORKING for your attention, which satisfies most girls’ typical selection system which is them working and picking the guy, not the guy trying to get them and and them succumbing (which is much less common)

-it builds an incredible bond between the two of you, because you have talked about some serious core values, and you have connected on things that most people wouldn’t connect on. Notice that I use both real things that are my standards, as well as stuff that my intuition or information extracting tools, so that either way I get a very good bond on things that most people would never connect on which makes it more special.

NOTE: The best way to do this is to wait for her to tell you something that is either her trying to impress you, or something you could potentially MISINTERPRET as something you’d like, and then you PRETEND like you’re being brought over to her side by randomly saying something like “Do you have x-thing?” It’s powerful, because it implies like she didn’t have your acceptance previously, or it was at least tentative. That’s what girls do. When you pump their buying temperature, they’ll blurt out things like “I smoke a lot of weed. (and when you shrug your shoulders like “whatever” they’ll follow with) Does that bother you? (again just pretend not to care by barely even answering)” Or they’ll blurt out “Do you have x-quality?” You do the same to her, in reverse. Her intuition will tell her “He’s starting to like me because of what I’m doing, and his natural screening/shittesting system is kicking in”. Make it look like YOUR buying temperature just went up, and you’re shit testing or something. I’ll randomly blurt out “We’ll fight” and when she asks us why I’ll either pick some arbitrary quality she told me about or I’ll just say “we’re too alike”. So keep doing this as the conversation goes on, and use it at key junctures so that it adds fuel to the fire.

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