How to Get 7s & 8s Consistently

Tell them that they’re hot…. literally that’s it.

My biggest problem with these girls flaking on me is that if they’re not 9s or 10s, they feel under qualified.

So I thought I’d think outside the box and try qualifying them to me on their looks.

As anyone in the field knows, most girls are cool enough people, but like most guys just aren’t good at CONVEYING it on the spot in a pressure social situation (like meeting a cool new guy).  So they sit there, and have very little to say other than dumb situational shit (like most guy AFCs).  So you wind up trying to pull them or take a #, and it seems totally incongruent, because they can’t figure out why this money attractive guy wants them, when they know he could get a 9 or 10. They’ve done nothing but sit there and laugh at your jokes, and they’re too stumped on what to say that would warrant you wanting to see them again.

So what I’ve started doing (and this has worked so far), is just saying “wow, you are fucking cute.. I’m really attracted to your whole look (I may give a specific, and it may be more about their stereotype than a specific thing – tonight I say she had a “cool,together,tough girl thing going”), and I never meet girls like that..”  On top of it, the pre-supposition should be there that you’re having a good time together, so its not completely ridiculous.

What I do is push them away bigtime and run all my C&F and negs, but once they’ve shown alot of interest in me, I just tell them that I’m genuinely attracted to them, and then I run the elastic band snapback effect DRUNK-#CLOSE on them (even when they aren’t drunk), so they’ll convince me to call them.

It works awesome so far, but we’ll see if its just an NYC thing (where I’m visiting right now).

After all, they ARE still 7s or 8s, so it’s conceivable that you’d find them attractive.  They’ve chased you, because you’ve shown zero interest.  And a big one is that I C&F/neg the shit out of them, and then say “Heh, I’m kidding..  It’s just that I have to test you.. I think you’re really cute, and I have to see if you can take it.”  So actually, I guess I’m qualifying them based on abilities to pass my tests also.  Then I go for a bit of commonalities, and boom, it’s all done.

This may likely be only something useful for guys who have very strong game already.  I recommend it for guys who can run sets well, already.

Make sure it comes across as genuine, and that you’re not a horny/needy guy, but rather just a dude who enjoyed her company, finds her attractive, and would like to hang with her again.


1)            Regular indirect approach, tease/neg/activedisinterest to get her chasing you

2)            Tell her that you were just testing her to see if she can take it, because she’s cute.

3)            Qualify her to you on her looks.

4)            Use the DRUNK#CLOSE to still show willingness to walk away, and to lead her to make the #close for you, so she’s still chasing and convincing you.

Give it a shot (like actually field test), and report back results.  I’d love to hear back from guys who it both did and did not work for, since I’ve only started doing this, this week.  I’ve been laid twice out of it (by also using the escalating tests thing with 1)bestfriends,2)trust,3)tension Tests all stacked in a row, and then using this), and also made out with probably 20 girls and gotten around 20 phone #s which many I’ve followed up on and have day2s planned.

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