PUAs have made an overwhelming amount of Seduction material available online.There is a wealth of information available from all the greats; Mystery, Neil Strauss and Ross Jeffries. Here is a philosophy for using it efficiently.

  1. Read as much as is healthy
  2. Try it out, and keep what works
  3. Discard what doesn’t work for you

There are certain core concepts that pretty much all the gurus and methods agree on. Beyond those, it’s up to you to work out what fits your personality and style.

The two important aspects of what we do here are:

  • Learn what are our strongest attractive qualities and accentuate them, identifying and eliminating the unattractive qualities, to make ourselves better people
  • Learn the skill of communicating these attractive qualities to other people, in as natural and efficient a manner as possible

Keyboard Jockeying

Probably the most common mistake people make is trying to internalise too much information without trying it out in the field. Some people have a natural tendency to want to totally understand a subject before applying even the basics.

There’s no point in reading any of this material if you’re just going to sit in #PUA all day talking about it.

From the VERY FIRST TIME you read the 101 player guide or other beginner information, it can have a profound effect on your life. Particularly if you are already a reasonably social person who interacts with women you meet anyway, you can apply ideas such as non-supplication, leading, and sexual state right away with direct results. No-one is expecting you to become an approach machine overnight.

Fuck Ups

If you’re not already a reasonably social person, then you should probably consider therapy. If you’re afraid of leaving your house or get extremely nervous talking to women, traditional therapists can help you. Try the Personality disorder test, answer honestly and if you get more than a few High/Very High’s, think about what other issues you need to deal with before thinking about women.

XYZ method sucks

No, probably it doesn’t, it’s just it didn’t work for you. Any guru with a method is just sharing what works for them, and you can take it or leave it. People who post that a certain method is useless probably just don’t understand it and haven’t tried it properly or even at all. Posts like this aren’t really helpful to anyone, and are usually born of frustration.