The Importance of Cocky-Funny

One aspect that people often neglect in pick up is the art of being cocky funny. A technique that can be mainly credited to David De Angelo, being cocky funny basically involves being rude to, and teasing, girls in a playful and fun way. Challenging and teasing someone is a massively important part of building attraction. It gives the interaction a sense of spontaneity and fun, whilst encouraging her to qualify herself to you, albeit in a light hearted way.

When used correctly C & F can make a huge difference to your game and can dramatically improve your results as a pickup artist. However when used incorrectly, it can get you into trouble, so make sure you avoid the following pit falls:

1. Don’t cross the line. If you’ve been teasing a girl, and she’s into it, e.g. laughing and clearly enjoying the interaction, then that’s obviously a great thing, however it doesn’t mean that you should carry on teasing her on this point. Doing this will become less and less funny the more time’s you say it. If she’s said something and you’ve called her on it, teased her slightly, and generally been cocky and funny then move on, if it’s time perhaps lead the interaction into the comfort stage.

2. Don’t use it at inappropriate moments. Cocky funny should only be used at the initial stages of the interaction, and not when you’re building comfort or in the final stages of seduction. It can be a powerful tool of the attraction stage, however this is only when it should be used, and it you could potentially ruin an interaction if you try to inject C & F into a serious conversation. Use the opportunity that you’re having a serious conversation to make the interaction less playful and more intense.

3. Don’t be arrogant, be playful. Don’t take the word cocky too literally. It’s true that women can sometimes find arrogance attractive, however just as many women can find real arrogance extremely unattractive. Avoid coming across as arrogant by not being too serious and being playful. This way you will come across as not too arrogant, and more like someone who isn’t afraid to jokingly make people qualify themselves to him, and who can tease people in a fun way.

When people start using C & F, many people are surprised by how much they can get away with, and it’s true that if you have built attraction with a girl then you will be able to get away with saying things which you wouldn’t have thought possible. Remember if you have built attraction, a cocky yet crude comment will be seen as playful and fun, not sleazy and unattractive.

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