Intrigue Vs Attraction

There are different ways to run sets.

The classic MM way is to use intrigue based routines, like talking about relationships and the unknown, to captivate a set.  By doing so, you can use active ignorance on the sets.

Notice that the Mystery archive contains not so much C&F-teases, but rather, they contain SELF ESTEEM NEGS.

A C&F NEG is like “You’re like my little sister” or “You’re like a little powerpuff girl” or “hands off the merchandise” or she’s “a sexual predator” or telling her to support you or to get lost.

OTOH, a SELF ESTEEM NEG is like “That’s a nice dress.  That’s really popular these days” or “A model?  What, a hand model?”  or “You have something on your face/teeth/hair.. Here” or “Your nose wiggles when you talk” or blowing your nose in front of her (like you don’t care enough to even hide it from her).

Notice though, and this is very important, that the first type of C&F neg is actually YOU giving her an indicator of your interest in her.  As guys, we’d think the opposite, because calling a hottie a powerpuff girl is showing her that we’re willing to walk away from her, and not seek her approval.  Right?

Nope.  These things are actually sexual subcommunication.  Like David DeAngelo says, they are the secret sub language of attraction that girls respond to.

If a girl walks up to you and says that your shirt sucks, this is an IOI.  We know this.  Why?  Because if a girl isn’t attracted to you, she won’t even acknowledge you, let alone tease you.  Notice that if a girl does this, you can just tease her back open, run game, and seduce.

The same goes for girls.  They know that when you use this stuff, you’re just using a classic European style game on them.

The classic european style of “natural” game is similar to what I use (my version is just the European version on steroids, combined with other tactics thrown in).  It’s flirting.  Where you’re saying “get lost”, but really subcommunicating “I’m alpha, look at me sexually, I’m interested”).  Well, this is sort of a sweeping generalization.  You guys get the point, anyway.

So the distinction here is:

Classic European C&F natural style game:

  • you can approach the target, so long as you hold the sets attention so they don’t LJGD (let’s just go dance) you.
  • if you have the social value (you are dressed cool for the scene, and you seem like a cool enough guy for her to ALLOW you to engage her in this sort of flirting, so she’s willing to take the time to verbally spart/flirt with you), then you can run this sort of game
  • rather than befriending, you blow out and out-alpha AMOG the people around you, to up your status
  • this is a great way to “fool’s mate/ONS” a chick, and it can also lead to more, but it generates attraction so quickly that you can have difficulty with buyer’s remorse, and you also have a harder time shifting to rapport/comfort/connection

I’ll contrast this to the MM style next time.


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