Light and Dark

The community is a forking path. And it can lead you into the light or the darkness. The choice is yours.

Whenever I discuss the community with outsiders, the same questions always come up. And there is no clear-cut answer for them. A lot of people want to pass judgement on us for being here, if they know about it. But I know for sure that it’s made me a MUCH better person. When people see videos or photos of me prior to this, they can’t even believe it’s the same guy.

But there are also people I’ve met who were really cool guys when they entered the community. And now they are completely passionless social robots (and I’ve posted about that already in the past).

So the way I see it now is that the community is a forking path. And it can lead you into the light or the darkness. The choice is yours.

The light is a place where you are at your best all the time. It is where you finally find yourself and bring out all the personality and spark and confidence and charm and humor and talent that only your mother ever knew you had before. It is where all the schools of seduction and routines are just training wheels on the journey to self-realization. (Whoah, this is sounding more new-agey than I intended.) But it’s true: women are EXTREMELY attracted to guys when they do something — even a small gesture — that is totally original and pure and unselfconscious, and at the same time lovable. So if the community is bringing you out of your shell, improving your social skills in all areas of your life, making you move through the world more confidently, making you the master of your reality, improving your physical appearance, widening your circle of friends, acquaintances, and women, — and ultimately making you a happier person — then you are in the light.

The dark is a place where you lose yourself. It’s where you slavishly imitate and model other people. It’s where somewhere deep inside you hate yourself and don’t believe that people will like you if you reveal your true self. It’s where you start hurting or deceiving people — men, women, whatever. It’s where you look at yourself in the mirror and see Tyler Durden, Mystery, Style, or Badboy staring back at you. It’s where you lose touch with your friends and family, and only hang out with sargers. And the only reason you pull women is so that you can win the respect of other sargers. It’s where you make learning pickup the number one priority in your life, and neglect the things that will lead to a real career. It’s where you look at the world through dead eyes because you’ve lost your soul.

Step back for a moment, and look at your experiences in the community. Make sure that you are on the right path. If not, separate yourself from your community friends, enjoy some non-sarging-related activities or take a road trip to the beach, and then return re-invigorated and ready to begin the vigorous course of all-round self-improvement that we’re here for.

Hope this helps, and isn’t too obvious…

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