More AMOG destroyers

I’ve thought of some more examples of this:

AMOG:  Hey girls whats up (or whatever)

PUA:  Hey dude dude (putting hands up like you give up).. I will pay you a HUNDRED dollars right now, to take these girls away from me.

(Girls will go “no no no… we love you PUA.. noooooo” and giggle and crawl on you.. Again, immediately deflating to the guy)

AMOG:  Hey girls what’s up (or whatever)

PUA:  Dude, OMG that shirt is AWESOME.. I had one just like it in highschool, it fucking rocks man.. Having a good time in London man.. It’s awesome huh?  Dude you’re like the coolest guy I met all night.. (patting him on the shoulder)..

AMOG: (showing signs that he wants to fight)

PUA:  hahah, dude, are you like trying to pick a fight with me? hahahha.. ok ok hold up  hold up.. wait a sec, we’ll do even better.. first… we’ll have an armwrestling competition.. then second.. we’ll do one armed pushups.. and last….. POSE-DOWN!!

(then you start flexing and go “ladies?”, and they start saying how you’re so strong, and the AMOG looks like a tool.. you’re tooling him, by making him seem like he’s trying too hard to impress the girls by showing them superiority).

AMOG:  Hey man.. keep talking.. no no, let’s hear your pitch man.. pick these girls up man, you’re doing awesome.

PUA:  Hey, you know I’ve gotta try to impress you COOL (x-city, x-dressed, x-whateverquality) guys.. You guys fucking ROCK.

(cut him down on whatever limited amount of knowledge you have of him, even if its not relevant whatsoever, he’ll feel uncomfortable and his bodylanguage will show it)

AMOG:  (starts touching you to show dominance)

PUA:  hahhaha, DUUUUDE, I’m not into guys man… dude, there’s

club-gay-whatever over there man.. hands off the merchandise buddy

(girls laugh at him, then he starts qualifying himself to you that he’s not gay)

AMOG: (gets in your face)

PUA: (don’t answer.. just SIT there quiet.. the more he says stuff to you, the more he’s TRYING.. talking too long without an answer is QUALIFYING yourself..  so if he keeps trying to out-alpha you, and you don’t answer, eventually he looks beta because he tried too hard to get your attention.. another trick is to make “let’s get out of here” girlcode with your eyes to the girls (mimmick what they do to eachother when you do a bad set), and they’ll leave with you)

AMOG:  (gets in your face)

PUA: dude, you’re an alphamale..

AMOG: what’s that..

PUA: you know, like the leader of the pack.. you call the shots.. you can put your hands on guys you don’t know, cause you’re alpha..

(fucks up his whole ‘look cool’ game, because you’ve characterized all his mannerisms, so anything he does to look alpha makes him appear to be qualifying himself to you.. if he continues, just say “see… alphamale.. whoa tiger, I can’t mess”)

Basically, AMOGING is where you make the guy who is actually the alpha male of the group look like an idiot for trying to assert himself. It’s pretty funny when it works.

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