More Unstoppable Attraction Boosters

There are more ways to project value. Picking up from last time.

A sixth way is to convey ULTIMATE SEXUALITY, through Gunwitch style SEXUAL STATE PROJECTION. Read and INTERNALIZE the GUNWITCH METHOD, and you can sometimes just roll up on chicks with NEUTRAL TALK, and through just seeming so damned SEXUAL, she will find you indescribably appealing.. She won’t know WHY, but for some reason you just really turn her on. She feels this unexplainable explosive chemistry.

A seventh way is to PEACOCK, which conveys that you are MYSTERIOUS, and OUTRAGEOUS. You are DIFFERENT. Peacocking is the ULTIMATLY FAST way to attract women of the HIGHEST CALIBRE, because you are INSTANTLY the guy that she’s been waiting for. You just need the ATTITUDE to back it up. YOU have to wear the CLOTHES. The CLOTHES can’t wear YOU. On some days when I peacock, I have the 9.5 chicks FLOCKING me wherever I go, because they are SICK of GENERIC guys, and think that you might be JUST THE GUY shes waited for.

To peacock, you cant just dress REALLY COOL. You have to dress OUT- FUCKING-RAGEOUS. You have to have shit people have never even SEEN in their ENTIRE LIVES. The stuff you are wearing has to look RIDICULOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS, but your attitude MAKES it cool. If you’re peacocked properly, there should be people pulling you over for PHOTOS, and the FIRST thing that everyone should say to you is that is SOOO cool.. You know how strippers hear the SAME THING from EVERYONE??? What do your parents think etc etc.. You know how a writer always hears x was so amazing etc etc???

Why Peackocking Works!!

This is because they give a MIND BENDING IMPRESSION, so peoples STATES are instantly ALTERED in their presence. If you met your HERO right now, could you act NORMAL around him/her?? Probably not. You’d say something generic, like I loved your last work, because you couldn’t think of anything better to say, out of mental paralysis. That is the effect that PEACOCKING is intended to have. It ELICITS EMOTIONAL STATES from your targets, INSTANTLY. Look at celebs. Their clothes are like CARTOON CHARACTERS. You cant even FIND these clothes. They are CUSTOM.

They are FANTASY FIGURES, and when they are in public, the entire room SHIFTS attention to THEM. Turn YOURSELF into one of these figures,  through peacocking, and you present VALUE to the chick.

My FAVOURITE part about peacocking is that chicks will come up to you and say that outfit is soooo awesome, to which you can respond with hmm.. thanks… sooo, you ready to get out of here? (credit Craig) and get her LAUGHING.. then you say your clothes are kinda generic.. how do I know that I can hang with you?? what do you have going for you?? Are you adventurous?? and start SWINGCAT-style qualifying, and run the push-pull routine that I posted above..

Okay I can think of some more but I’ll write that next time.

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