My Stealth Attraction Review: How I Bedded 2 Girls In One Weekend Using Gambler’s Techniques

Reviewed by Alan Marshall, Long Beach, California

My Stealth Attraction Review

In this Stealth Attraction Review, I’m going to tear apart the insides of this groundbreaking course and give you my honest opinion as to why I think it will totally transform you with women.

I first came across Gambler (Richard La Ruina) last year after reading an article about him in FHM. He explained how he’s managed to sleep with hundreds of women in his adult years but was in fact terrible with women when he was a youngling.

This intrigued me so much that I decided to grab a copy of his program… Stealth Attraction.

I figured that my “game” so to speak couldn’t get any worse so anything that was saying it could transform my game to the next level, was obviously very appealing to me.

Seen as though it’s a digital course, I paid for it and logged in minutes later.

Let the fun begin!

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My Stealth Attraction Review

I made a conscious decision to trial the program for a full 2 days, documenting everything I did based on the teachings of Richard in each module.

With all the stealth attraction videos combined, there is just over 3 hours of material so I made sure I watched it on Friday night, took down the most important notes and had it fresh in my mind of the first day of frolics.

Day one: Saturday

I’d been invited to a friends birthday during the day which was a BBQ by the beach. He invited a ton of people and I didn’t know 80% of the crowd.

As you’d expect there were some beautiful women there and my mind was brimming with things to try from the videos.

While talking to a friend and eating wings, a stunning leggy blonde walked past and my instincts just set in. I said “Hey.. where did you get that cold beer?” Obviously not the greatest opener, but she stopped at least.

She said “Oh, I found some cold ones just over there…”

To which I said “Oh yeah, keeping them to yourself are you, very naughty”.

We ended up chatting for 20 minutes and she went back to her friends.

I had a few interactions like that throughout the day, I noticed the girls were way more interested in me and willing to chat because I was holding eye contact, being flirtatious, kinoing and being way more intriguing than the other guys.

I got one phone number and I was damn happy with that. The old me would have got nothing!

The sun was setting and a few of the guys I was speaking to were heading out to a club, so I decided to join them.

We ended up going to a nasty place call the Basement Lounge, which looked like something out of Lord of The Rings.

After being in there for about an hour and not seeing any girl in there that was remotely hot, I was pretty much ready to leave.

…But then… as if by some stroke of luck, a group of four girls walked in. YEAH BOY!

So I necked my tequila shot, got an opener ready and headed over into the set.

I went for the most average looking girl in the group and opened her, so that I could get in. After a couple of minutes, she introduced me to everyone and I was in.

Long story short, we played some drinking games, I used every technique I learned in the videos and eventually ended up going home with a very hot brunette chick.

She was a freak and we had sex for about 6 hours. OH YES!

Day two: Sunday

Ok so first off… I was incredibly hungover from the night before and couldn’t stomach doing anything during the day, so slept until 5pm.

The girl I came home with left at some point, which was perfect.

I’d already organized to meet a friend of mine the week before at a local bar, because we hadn’t seen each other for a while. I made sure it was a busy Sunday bar with a lot of girls so I could continue the test.

After rehydrating, I was back out and ready to see my boy.

As soon as we set foot in the club it was heaving with pussy.

Before I even got to the bar, I made eye contact with a cute redhead, who tapped my arm and said “Hey, haven’t I seen you here before?”.

To which I replied “Not sure, but I’m pretty sure I’d remember your face if we did”.

My friend went to the bar while I chatted with her and brought a drink back for me (He’s a good dude like that).

We ended up flirting like crazy, kissing in the bar and having a great time… then she ended up having to leave with her friends, which was a bummer. I got her number though.

So my buddy and I continued drinking at our table when… guess who walks in?

The leggy blonde I was speaking to at the BBQ.

She recognized me straight away, gave me a big hug and introduced me to all her friends.

Another long story short, I ended up going back to hers and we had some of the best sex I’ve ever had. She was like a surfer type girl and was care free, so we had a great energy together.

The good and bad

  • Instant access to the videos, so no waiting for the postman (good)
  • Easy techniques to learn, so not much to write down (good)
  • More tailored towards night game (not so good)

Stealth Attraction Review: Conclusion

So that’s my review of stealth attraction, I’m constantly finding ways in which I can use the techniques outlined in the modules and I’m astounded at how quickly I was able to pick up the tips and use them in everyday life.

I think Gambler and his team have done an awesome job with this course and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to any guy who’s looking to up his game with women. It really will make you better, just like it did for me.

Learn more about Stealth Attraction, click here.


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