Seduce Her in the Proper Location

In my last post on Why You Need More Than Just Attraction I spoke about the common fallacy that the best way to get girls from bars is to keep them in a high state of arousal. I explained why that doesn’t work.

In fact, the consistent way to pull girls from clubs all the time is this:

  • To get her wanting to hang out with you at your place or hers, a good way is to be having fun, and to be in rapport.
  • Except the irony is that a chick usually won’t BOTHER taking the time to get to know you (get rapport), unless there’s first some attraction.
  • This creates the FALLACY in guys’ minds that whenever a chick is initially attracted, he has to keep PUSHING ATTRACTION in order to lay her – since it DID work on several occasions.
  • INSTEAD, get attraction, JUST ENOUGH to get her to initiate rapport, and then get rapport with her.
  • Don’t PUSH attraction.  Get JUST ENOUGH for the two of you to have fun together, and then invite her somewhere isolated to continue the spontaneous fun.
  • Get her to hang out with you either that night (frame it as “let’s be spontaneous”, which you can set traps early for that), and then SEDUCE HER IN THE PROPER LOCATION.
  • THE BAR IS NOT THE PLACE FOR SEDUCTION (sorry, but so much wrong thinking in the community for so long).
  • Just make friends in the bar, and get her alone.  Seduce her when you have her ALONE.

This is massively field tested, and has been working consistently.

Give it a try, I hope it helps.

Guys won’t like this post, because it will contradict what they’ve been doing for years.  For me, it was easy to accept because I’m a PU newbie, so I didn’t have bad habits engrained over years.  The plain facts are that no PUA here can produce results contrary to what I’ve written, IN FIELD on HB9+ chicks on a consistent basis.  While on the other hand, there’s no prob for any socially intelligent person to get rapport with very hot chicks in clubs, and getting them alone so they can do their thing.

Yes, we’ve all gotten chicks all wet and horny in the clubs and gotten them to leave with us.  It ain’t rocket science and it DOES happen every night with different chicks in any given club.  But this focus is WAY more consistent, and is also good because it allows you to net the hottest HBs, who may not have given you the chance to seduce them in the club.

Also it doesn’t require you to KEEP them HORNY on the drive home.  Much much better focus.  Give it a shot.

Guys will post that what I’m saying is wrong, but I’ll likely not reply.  They’re wrong, and they can’t produce these results in field on a regular basis. Everyone gets laid sometimes but the question is how to make a chick want to fuck you in particular, rather than just fuck someone because she’s decided she’s going to get laid tonight.

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