Sincere Compliment

“Hey…are you someone confident to accept a sincere compliment?!!!” “Hee…hee. Sure.” “Cooool. Me too!! Hey, you go first. [pointing back to me] Fire away.”

(I find this works really well to stack as a second routine after the opener – Magnus)

Papa: Hey…are you someone confident to accept a sincere compliment?!!!

Hot Aussie Chick: Hee…hee. Sure.

Papa: Cooool. Me too!! Hey, you go first. [pointing back to me] Fire away.

Hot Aussie Chick: Haha + {compliment on Papa’s clothes or sense of humor} or Haha + {cummon face}

Papa: [if not complimented] Just kidding…[if complimented, skip the just kidding] Actually, I came over here cuz you looked like [compliment +mini cold read].

Here’s an example of one of dozens of approaches (even stopping mobile targets with the boomerang effect body language, credit Tyler D).

Papa: Hey…are you someone confident to accept a sincere compliment?

Hot Aussie Chick: Sure. [smile]

Papa: Me too. Fire away.

Hot Aussie Chick: Haha. Well, I like your jacket.

Papa: Ahh. You Aussie chicks rock. You know, I just had to stop you cuz you looked like someone interesting to talk to as you look so chill and calm, and someone just had to come over and enjoy the view of the pier and opera house with you. I’m Papa.

Hot Aussie Chick: Hi. [handshake] I’m [Chick’s Name]

This kind of direct approach opened consistently and the game played out well because I’d continue from there with lots of ball-busting, playful kino, and conveyed a lot of fun.

Most of the time, I didn’t get compliments from the girls, but I’d get something like this rolling:

Papa: [credit RJ, Style, and Playboy to helping to create this opener] Excuse me…are you someone confident enough to accept a compliment from a complete stranger.

Girl: Well, yeah. I guess so.

Papa: Sweet. Me too. You go first. Fire away (sp).

Girl: Ahhhh.

Papa: Just kidding. You know, I saw you and just had to come by and talk to you as you have interesting sense of style. You look like a little Aussie disco dancing homegirl. It’s rocking, kiddo.

Girl: Hahaha.

Papa: Wow, your Aussie accent is so cute. It sounds like you are singing even though you are just talking to me. You are totally my new Aussie homegirl [wrap arm around chick].

Girl: Hahaaha. Where are you from?

And then the convo continues with the standard push/pull sequences.

I would also sometimes follow up the direct opener with opinion openers if the direct approach wouldn’t fly, or else I’d introduce myself, and instigate lots of playful kino and jokes. Here, I’ve been cavemaning heavily with playful kino and excessive pimp talking and girls say I exude lots of sexual energy, but I misinterpret it to me getting to caveman more.

The pimp-talk I’ve been using is stuff that I’ve been watching Tyler do, where he’ll talk to girls in the tonality as if he’s the pimp and the girls are their hoes. I do this in much of my sets out here…sometimes overdoing it as I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with this.

Papa: [talking slow and in the ear of the girl as if I’m her pimp] Oh. Yeah…I…love…how…much…fuuuuuun…I am having…here.

Aussie Chick: [smiles and giggles at pimp talk] Oh yeah. Don’t you find Sydney kind of a small place compared to LA.

Papa: [more pimp talk] Ohhhh…yeah…it’s so small [push air away]…compared…to….L….A…LA…is…sooooo…muuucccch bigger…but…it’s not….tooooo….biiiiigg…’s just….the right…..size…I loooooove….it…soooo…much.

Aussie Chick: Hahahaha [smiles]. Oh…you just exude so much sexual energy.

Papa: [more pimp talk] Ohhhh…baby…yeah…you…know…[makes face as if I think I heard her say she wants to fuck now]…what I like…when you get so….to…the point…about sex…[cavemaning her and kissing her].

Aussie Chick: [smiles and laughs] Hey, did you hear what I was saying.

Papa: [continues with pimp talk] Ohhh…yea….baby…[goes for makeout kisses].

Aussie Chick: [smiles] Hey, you don’t fuck around do you.

Papa: [continues with pimp talk, playful kino, caveman kino, push/pull body language (i.e. moving in for more kisses and then pushing her away…and then kissing her for real), lots of cocky and funny observational comments, and, now and then, aggressively grabbing the girl’s drink out of her hand and chugging it…and then returning the drink]


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