The 5 Things to Focus on in Set, pt. 2

Here’s what else I’m thinking:

4- Forcing autopilot responses. Tee-ing up TR, NR, BR sequencing. Trying for rapport, Neutral to rapport, and Breaking rapport. I alternate between these three forms of sentences, as needed. That means that the interaction and material is the same, but I alternate the words that go in between. The same sentence can mean various different things, depending on the words you add into it. I may say “I know this question is so weird.. I guess I’m just in a funny mood today. This is such a great club, do you like it? Me too. So yeah, like I was saying – (back on material)”, if I think I’m overqualifying. Or I’ll say “You guys are geniuses.. OK you’re cool, anyway – (back on material)” It’s like getting ready to knock over a 12 year old boy, or Mike Tyson. Do you just shove a bit, or wind up with everything you have? You don’t want to shoot a bazooka at a squirrel, but you don’t want to shoot a pellet gun at a moose. You use what’s necessary – nothing more but also nothing less. Calibrate. I slam material delivery down their throats, that will guarantee the autopilot response that I need. I also force qualification based stuff on them, like “Do you have x,y,z???” right at the right point, as they say certain things.

5- Blueprint sequencing awareness. All girls have certain subconscious things that need to happen before they sleep with a guy. That’s why so many girls will say to me while we’re in bed “I’m not even attracted to you. I don’t even want you.” I’ve keyed into their blueprint and I’ve triggered it. So even though they aren’t attracted to me or even like me, their lower brain is so hyper engaged that they are too suggestable to stop what is happening. This is also why girls will always cheat on their boyfriends. They can’t control it any more than we could control a girl giving us a blowjob and busting our load. Stimulus causes reaction whether we like it or not. Girls are stimulated via their minds, and because its more covert than a girl blowing us, we can engage this stimulation and before she knows what’s happening she’s already so hyper engaged that she just goes for it. I am cued-in to their reactions, and I can tell what kind of girl she is and what kinds of things attract her. Some girls are more attracted to guys who pull back, while others are attracted to trust and other are attracted to rich snobs. Badboys, guys who make them feel safe.. Whatever. I get keyed into this stuff, and modify the interaction accordingly by deciding which parts of my personality to reveal. We all have these sides, and while we’re building comfort by talking about our lives, we can divulge the information to them that is fits their blueprint program.

**The material is the material that HOLDS the interaction WHILE I do these things. It’s easier for me to maintain perfect EC and perfect tonality with ZERO “umms, uhhhs” or any other words that subcommunicate lower value or insecurity, because the material has this eradicated as part of its content. Because I appear so smooth, I appear more intelligent and sharper. It is useful because it allows my mental processor time to be spent hyper-analyzing the above aspects of the interaction. I KNOW that the material won’t set them off in any negative way that could break state, unlike improved stuff which does not necessarily have a predictable outcome. I know the material has nothing stupid in it, and it has stuff in it that’s interesting and therefore DISARMS THE ASD that the girls feel while they’re becoming attracted, because they can rationalize to themselves “He’s just interesting. That’s why I’m staying here.”

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