Understanding Rejection

There is no such thing as rejection.

What there is though:

  • Women trying to game you by being C&F or playing hard to get. So, if they’re actively trying to game you, then how is THAT rejection?
  • Women thinking about sex too much. If they’re horny, the harder they’ll try to game you… even if sex wasn’t your intention when meeting her. (Which explains why “bitches” simultaneously dress hot and go out and “reject” guys for no reason.)
  • Performance anxiety in an attempt to seduce men.

For men, the only rejection possible is SELF-REJECTION.

So really, getting over the fear of “rejection” is understanding that:-

  • Not approaching women with the intention of having sex with them UNTIL you have screened them. Get sex off the brain. Concentrate on rapport. This mindset in itself makes approaching effortless and fearless.
  • Understanding that being bitched out is actually a GOOD thing, and is nothing bad at all. Her reaction to you is nothing you need to be concerned about, because it (despite all appearances) is actually something good going for you. There is no need to fight back or get angry once you know what’s really going on in her head.
  • Take sex out of the equation. By using a neg, or just LJBFing her right from the start, you drop her ASD. Also, you take her sexuality away from her so she can’t use it as a weapon against you.
  • Note that by taking sex out of the equation… while you drop her ASD and resistance… you raise her performance anxiety. No longer the old tricks she used to get men are working now! She is now in unchartered territory, which is scary, so be gentle. 😉

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