A Few Thoughts on Rapport

If you want to develop a master skillset, try to go out at least 4 nights a week. The other 3 use for all your day2s and phone work. Allocate 3-4 hours per day to this, and don’t slack with afterbar food and waiting in lineups. Otherwise 3 hours becomes 8, and you won’t have time to live the rest of your life. Try to find a wing you like that you can debrief with and share constructive criticism with during post-game debrief. Write down all your best lines and post like a madman so that you’ll internalize all your best moves. Get a small digital camera so you can periodically videotape yourself in set and see how you come across. Think about the subtle details of how you come across, not just the material. Consider what you’d think of yourself, if the two of you were to meet. 🙂
Because of extensive field work, my game has continued to improve at a phenomenal rate. My skillset is very noticably stronger from last month, and last month is was stronger than the month before. Guys who saw me 3 months ago wouldn’t believe the difference. It is very noticable. I’m smoother and more laid back. I’m faster on my feet and my situational reaction times and repertoire of tools has improved. I am at the top of my game right now, but with the stuff I’m working on I’ll look back in 6 months and wonder how I even got by with the skillset I have right now. I have rapport and connection sequencing that I’m working out, that will make it as automatic as my attraction game. I’m testing and re-testing various different sequencing, and going out day and night.

Anyway, here is the latest thing I’ve been doing, that has increased my potency in set.


When you’re in set, you’re gaming the girls and you’re speaking and acting differently than how you’d act to your best friend. This is obvious – if you don’t, you won’t generate attraction. It’s not that kind of interaction. There’s a different energy to it. A platonic interaction usually yields a platonic response, because its autopilot.

Sometimes a set goes bad, or sometimes you need to move it along for an extraction, or sometimes an obstacle freaked out by the level of IOIs her friend is giving out to someone she just met.

Oftentimes, you just need to pump more buying temperature, and the problem corrects itself.

Most guys make the mistake of trying to logically convince a girl to escalate when they’re met with resistance. For example, they’ll ask for a phone number, and she’ll say ‘no’. He’ll keep trying to get it. Or the same for a kiss or an extraction. “C’mon. C’mon. It’ll be fine”, etc etc..

This is inherently flawed, and goes against the current and only yields more resistance. Instead, back up a bit, and re-game. Pretend that the rejection never even happened. Don’t even acknowledge it. Act like you didn’t hear it, and move on to continue gaming. Pump buying temperature more, and then try again later. It will work.

That’s why you need a repertoire of stories that you know will pump their state. The second you get resistance you just throw up more stories, and the girls get so giddy that their resistance drops. You guys have read stories about me pulling girls from their boyfriends, or last week climbing over a fence to pull a 2set. Obviously these kinds of things throw up resistance, but if you have the material to re-initiate state, you can reliably count on it to initiate state without worrying about contingencies. They forget what you tried, and because their emotions say “This feels good”, they just go with it. I always roll with more material, and cut off threads that aren’t helping me. I just plow through and ignore all resistance or social convention. My only goal “Initiate state. Initiate state. Initiate state. Escalate.”


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