The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 19

Your frame should always be doing SOMETHING to bring yourself closer to your goal.  Teasing, touching, subtly demonstrating your excellence, connecting deeply in rapport, projecting a sexual state, leading, playing hard to get, confusing, playfighting, conspiring together, stimulating, pausing awkwardly to show your absolute comfort in your own reality, having fun, etc etc etc.. SOMETHING that is moving you to the goal. Eventually, when you’re GOOD, you’ll do these things NATURALLY, without much thought. I’m PART WAY there, so I still have to do them CONSCIOUSLY oftentimes. But a lot of them I just do NATURALLY now.

Now if you are a HARDCORE SKILLED PUA, you could even take them out for dinner and PAY FOR IT, and STILL get laid.. Just so long as you keep YOUR frame the whole time. This makes it MUCH more difficult, but so long as you keep YOUR frame (as described above), the chick will ADAPT to what’s put out, and still do what you want.

DICTATE the frame, and the chick will ADAPT to it.

You RESULTS will be dictated by what you PUT OUT THERE. Suck the chick into YOUR reality, and she will be more inclined to adapt to YOUR frame. Remember that chicks ADAPT, and that you are FUCKING UP if things aren’t moving forward in one way or another.

At the same time, having fun IS moving things forward, so don’t be PARANOID that you’re not. Having fun isn’t something that you FAKE. It’s something that you DO.

Put out the RIGHT frame, and she’ll be into DIRTY SEX, and THREESOMES, and SEXUAL CONNECTIONS, and all sorts of EROTIC type shit.. Put out the WRONG frame, and she’ll be into SCREENING you and DATING and NINETEEN-FIFTIES type shit. She will ADAPT to what you put out, so put out the RIGHT vibe. She will APPRECIATE it.



My closing efficiency is probably up there with any PUA out there, for an ACCIDENTAL reason. It’s because I actually did EIGHT FUCKING MONTHS of PURE phase shifting when I first got into PU. My first PU book was this thing called “Secrets for success with beautiful women” by Ursula Lidstrom, who said to focus ONLY on bodylanguage and sexual state projection. This was my ONLY pickup resource at the time, so ALL that I practiced was PHASE SHIFTING during that time period. She had DETAILS on this, because she is a ZOOLOGIST, who had alot of info on this stuff. The bodylanguage stuff was fantastic, and the EIGHT PURE MONTHS of practicing bodylanguage has helped me tremendously, although the TECHNIQUES that she suggested got me NOTHING. ALL I did was go up to chicks and practice phase shifting, right from the start. This strategy could have worked, except that Ursula Lidstrom advocated COMPLIMENTING the shit out of chicks, which made me seem very supplicatant. Still, I had some chicks interested occasionally, but I was too scared to close them at that time, so I’d eject.  Funny enough, these same chicks SOCIAL PROOF me now when I’m PU’ing other chicks, since they remember me from like a year ago, and come hug me when I’m with the new chicks I’m PU’ing.

Point is, PRACTISE BODYLANGUAGE. This ACCIDENT (me using just that one book for eight months) has helped me TREMENDOUSLY, now that I have access to better techniques.

Practice the SEQUENCE of TRIANGULAR GAZING, and open body language. Sidelong glances, lip licking, head tilting, smiling, soft tonality A-L-L have to be put into CALIBRATED SEQUENCE. PRACTISE a look that will make chicks fucking MELT when you’re passing by. I once made a chick FALL OVER ON HER FACE while she was with her BOYFRIEND, in a department store in Ottawa.. I tried to PU her right there in front of her BF, and he was PISSED. He KNEW what was up.

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