As Seduction Goes Mainstream

With the Release of Neil Strauss’s bestseller, “The Game” The Mystery Method, and the VH1 TV show “The Pickup Artist”. The seduction community has exploded into the mainstream. what effect will seduction going mainstream have on the PUA community?

As seduction is going mainstream, people are getting freaked out. Guys are afraid that the pickup lines and seduction techniques they learned that let them approach women, attract women, and develop real social skills won’t work any more. Women will catch on to techniques. And all men will learn seduction, and so the competitive advantages we have will be gone.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Pickup Lines and Seduction Routines?

As seduction goes mainstream, specific lines will stop to work as they get more and more press. But people forget that *all* a good technique does is make the pickup artist using it seem like he’s a quality guy to have. If you can actually cultivate the skills that are emulated by specific tactics and techniques, then no amount of exposure can harm you.

If you’re not naturally creative or spontaneous, realize that these attributes can be trained much like a muscle. The idea behind training creativity and spontaneity is to give your mind a stimulus and come in with a set amount of preparation. So if you wanted to practice more spontaneous vibing in conversation, then you might come in with just a prepared opener and go from there. If you wanted to practice opening, you could have a prepared post-opener dialouge.

As you progress, you’ll find it becomes easier and easier to be spontaneous and creative. But even if you decide not to train in these attributes, you can create custom material based on your own life. It’s fairly simple to do. The basic idea is to take something that’s happened to you, even as simple as eating a meal, and tell it in such a way that it demonstrates good things about you.


If you remember the sitcom Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld once said a funny line on it. “90 percent of the population is undateable!”

So if only 10 percent of the women in the world are cultured, intelligent, caring, beautiful women, what happens as seduction becomes mainstream?

Many men worry about this. Our training in social dynamics gave us the competitive edge on men better looking and wealthier than ourselves. But if the playing field was levelling, wouldn’t the balance of power just shift back to looks and money?

Not the case. Let me tell you why:

The reason that only 10 percent of the women in the world are “dateable” as Jerry Seinfeld puts it is because of complacency. In our society, I see some awful imbalances with people mistreating each other. Specifically, these days I see more and more men being taken advantage of by women in our society.

As I walk down the street, I see many decent, hard-working men with women that don’t treat them very well, and aren’t even all that attractive. I used to shake my head and wonder why this was. Then I figured it out.

Many people will do as little as they can to get by. If you push them and set expectations for them, they’ll do better. If you won’t, they won’t.

It reminds me of a paper I read recently on education. A teacher administered an intelligence test to all of her students. The results were staggering: She had a class where the least-apt pupil was above average, and there were many borderline-geniuses in her class.

She began to abandon her old curriculum in favor of teaching more advanced concepts faster and in more detail. The students excelled, far, far exceeding the standards for their grade level. At the end of the year, she received commendation and all her students were promoted to the next grade. She gave praise to her students and their parents, saying it was a wonderful thing and she was blessed to have such an amazing class.

Then they found out the truth. The teacher had misgraded the original intelligence test: Her students were just normal, average kids. Some were bright, a few were below average, but it was a thoroughly normal class. They had simply lived up to the teacher’s expectation of them, and excelled when pushed and driven to.

More Quality Women in the World

As more men study seduction, it won’t become more competition for a select 10% of the population. As men increase their self-esteem and self-worth, and know they’re attractive, they’ll demand more. They’ll demand a woman that treats them well and takes care of herself. A woman who is healthy and attractive as well as cultured and caring.

As a result, the “average man” will be far better off, settling for much less. At the same time, the class of “elite man” will grow. Formerly just athletes, movie stars, and the very wealthy, there will be many men out there that are very desirable a catch. As such, the women on the fringes of the most beautiful will want to work harder to improve themselves to get these men.

It’s literally changing the world. By improving yourself, so you have standards and demand excellence out of women, you’re doing your part to make women around the globe more attractive. This is one of the reasons I enjoy teaching so much: Not only am I helping men become much, much more attractive. I’m also setting the bar high for the women that want to date us. In the process of becoming healthier, balanced, and caring, they will become better people too.

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