Bait, Hook, Reel, Release

You cannot indicate your interest (IOI) to a woman until she has first indicated her interest to you.

The ATTRACT STAGE has 3 phases:

1) OPEN – to get you into her group and in front of the girl 2) F2M female to male attract – to get her attracted to you and 3) M2F male to female attract to show that you have grown attracted to her for legitimized reasons.

Assuming you have completed phases 1 and 2, its time to move onto phase 3.

You may have already read about QUALIFYING principles. Many concepts about qualifying are incorporated into phase 3 of MM. The idea is to make a woman demonstrate a higher value to you (BAIT her into telling you INTERESTING THINGS about herself – not “What do you do?”) so when she replies (HOOKing her to give you information) you can IOI her (REEL her in) only to push her off (RELEASE her from the pressure of being hit on). This occurs several times.

So the phase 3 sequence is: BAIT, HOOK, REEL, RELEASE.

Here is an example for you to use in-field right away.

You: What nationality are you?


You: Seriously? No WAY!!! The girl I had the biggest crush on in high school was French! I can’t even talk to you now.

Everytime she gives you a DHV (demonstration of higher value) you IOI her. This way she will believe your IOIs and when you fully SOI her, she will feel like she deserves it. This allows your attraction for her to letitimately GROW over several minutes instead of just IOIing her because she first IOI’d you.

Since an important aspect of MM is to restructure routines to be in context with YOUR IDENTITY in particular, take the time to write up some personalized phase 3 routines with this format. Afterall, I’m pretty sure YOU didn’t have your first crush on a girl who was French right? Write 3 to 5 routines right now.

Here is one more example I used literally the night before writing this:

Me: If you could be anything in the world with no chance of failure, what would you want to be? And don’t say “Princess” haa.

Her: Um, an actress.

Me: Really? When I was little I wanted to grow up and be a magician. And you know what I am now? A magician! So you want to be an actress. I’m living proof that our dreams can come true. It would be so cool if you were an actress. I LOVE THAT! We need to figure out how to make that happen. I bet you’d be an amazing actress. But what if you get more attention than I? I can’t even hang out with you now.

Again, make yours congruent with your identity. You do not have to be a magician to do MM, but you do need a strong identity as I have.

I learned something from a good friend of mine yesterday. He said, “You are what you repeatedly do.” Well, I performed some magic for the woman I later met (about 25 minutes after meeting her). I love to perform magic and find myself doing so many times every week. That makes me a magician. What do YOU do?

There are some F2M routines that are exceptions to the phase 3 format such as when you are complimenting a woman’s beauty, but since that is potentially dangerous, I’ll leave ANATOMICAL COMPLIMENTS for another time.

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