How to Predict Flakes (Summarised)

So basically, the way that I feel it works, is that there are TWO common ways that a girl won’t flake:

1) She genuinely wants to see you again, ON TOP of potentially being attracted.

(ie: it WASN’T just a flirty interaction, but also a potential connection or

just naturally flowing type thing)

2) She’s a “slut” and knows you’ll fuck her, and has no qualms about that. (far LESS COMMON, IME)

Primarily, however, its case -#1- that will prevent the BLUR, as MOST chicks aren’t that sexually liberated. (but you have to ADAPT if you sense that they ARE, or else they’ll flake too since they are only interested in a guy who will try to fuck them… and you may do this with an SOI if that’s the case)

CONCLUSION:  If it’s not the type of interaction that is likely to continue (IOW, the state she’s in likely stick even after you leave), you MUST PUSH FOR THE F_CLOSE RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Also, I forgot to include this, but an EXCELLENT way to prevent the suspicious ASD’s from going up (ie: her not thinking that you just want to fuck her), is W_A_I_T until she does something to EARN you asking for her #.

SO -> even if you plan to f_close SAME DAY, if she says something that you can tell she thinks is something that will impress you, ACT TOTALLY IMPRESSED.  For example, a chick says to me, “I’m up for any dare.. I’ll totally do anything”… I say, “OMG, I LOVE chicks like that.. omg we’d have SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER.. hahahaha… we GOTTA hang out.. gimme your #” (incidentally I dare her to come sit beside me so I can game her, but that’s not related to this).

Then you can STILL try to same day f_close, but even if you can’t, there’s more chance that she’ll think that you are interested in more than just sex (though she should still think you want sex, but her for her as well), and it disarms the ASD.

Not to mention, people always want to cash in on what they think they earned.

So it sounds cheesy but if you want to see the girl again then you have to build rapport with her so you actually get on. In reality this is basically a useful selection mechanism as the kind of girls who you don’t get on with and who aren’t interesting in randomly having sex are probably not the kind of girls you want anyway. It reminds me of the Ross Jefferies phrase which I think goes something like ‘you never get rejected by a woman, you just discover if she has good taste’. So once you’ve busted out your routines try to find out about the girl, qualify her etc, because a girl isn’t likely to meet up with a guy she knows nothing about and how knows nothing about her anyway. I mean, the sluts might, the type 2) girls, but there aren’t many of them

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