Boyfriend Destroyer, pt. 3

Here are more sample ways to deal with the BF’s failings.

Failure to commit:

“It’s not that this guy doesn’t love you.  He does.  Its just that deep down he has a fear that… you’re too good for him… and that you’ll realize it and be like, you know….you just have to dump this guy…. and then he’ll be left emotionally destroyed because he made himself vulnerable.  Yes yes I know that you wouldn’t do that to him, but its just that with (x,y,z into consideration – bring up imbalance struck earlier in the convo) he knows that you could get other guys (SP)…like me…I just think that he’s not an emotionally secure person, and you’ve gotta cut him some slack.”

Abusive behaviour:

“It’s not that this guy doesn’t love you.  Its that he loves you too much, and just can’t handle it.  He’s not emotionally available, and because he knows that you’re the best he’s ever had, he can’t handle all of these things that he’s going through emotionally.  All his life he probably wasn’t very good with women, and women weren’t interested in him.. So now that he’s got this girl, he doesn’t know how to handle it.  (plus use the he doesn’t want to be emotionally vulnerable, because he’s such a loser ass that he can’t handle it as per above etc.)

Periodic Psychological Withdrawal:

“(use combinations from material I’ve written.. Rather than downplaying it for the perfectly normal behaviour that it is, magnify it by making it appear to be a sign of insecurity, that is typically displayed when nice guys who can’t get girls get stuck into a relationship with a girl that is too good for them)”

Being Irresponsible:

“Its not that this guy doesn’t -want- to do these things.  Its just that he’s so overwhelmed by all of the things that are going on, that he just can’t keep up these responsibilities.  Yes yes, I know that x,y,z aren’t that much, but he’s not in an emotionally healthy place right now, and he just can’t handle it (you mirror this against yourself, the image of a REAL/STRONG/COMPETENT man, basically trying to make him seem like a little boy)”


“It’s not that he doesn’t want to excite you.  It’s just that he’s so overwhelmed being with a girl like you, that he’s not equipped to handle your sexual needs.  It’s like the typical case of the rich daughter who marries the labourer.  At first the labourer is so ecstatic to have this gorgeous girl (point to her) wanting him.. But in the end, he cheats on her with some white trash mullet haired girl, because he knows that that’s who he really belongs with, and that’s who makes him feel good about himself.  You shouldn’t hold his lack of assertiveness in bed against him, because its just a reflection of his insecurity.  With the right girl, any guy can be a stud in the sack .. its not hard, you just have to take CONTROL (perhaps show some controlling kino here, to get her turned on).” then transition to some HOT sex talk, where you inadvertantly spill how much you need to take control in bed.

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