The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 23


Personally, I really like Maniac_High’s stuff on LMR. I use the traditional ASF stuff here. Some general guidelines for LMR I learnt from the community that I use have always been:

  • “you’re right, we should stop” – and KEEP going, which DISENGAGES her logical brain, since she is TRYING to REMOVE HERSELF FROM STATE, by getting you to ARGUE.. She is ENJOYING it TOO MUCH, so she will try to play off of YOU in order to piss herself off with your arguing, and snap herself out of state.. by AGREEING, and continuing, she is left in a position where SHE will have to do the dirty work if she wants to stop.. that doesn’t mean to keep going if she physically resists WHATSOEVER.. it just means if she’s still passionately into it, then just say “you’re right, we should stop”, and WASH RINSE REPEAT, as Maniac_High says.. IOW, just keep making out or doing whatever the act is that you’re doing, and try to escalate it in another 10 minutes or so, to see if “we should stop” really means “I am not horny enough yet, and need more foreplay”
  • figure out HOW she likes it.. Try getting REALLY INTENSE, and pinning her arms up behind her head and shit like that.. maybe she doesn’t like that.. so adapt, and make it really tender and sweet and all that shit.. structure it so she’s being a big doofus for putting the brakes on, since its just clicking so well.
  • Barring that, the FREEZE OUT – if she resists too much, but her attraction is still ESCALATING, you can TIME IT so that you literally just GET UP and totally LJBF her. Make her feel STUPID for RUINING such a MAGICAL and PASSIONATE moment. I learned this first from the Mystery archive, with his “get up and play checkers” bit.. Then he explained it to me more in real life, and showed me a video of how to do it that was really sweet. Just remember to stay totally COOL about it, and don’t make it OBVIOUS that you’re trying to manipulate her.  Don’t let your indifference appear TRANSPARENT, or it’ll just piss her off.

OK that’s it.

For me, following my own advice is probably something that I do only SOMETIMES.  During PU, I can “assert my own reality” at my top ideal capacity maybe 10% of the time. Yet during these times, I can perform at elite levels. Other times, I may do average/alright, or even downright horribly. It depends on how I feel, and a lot on how the NON pickup related stuff in my life is going, which is why I make pickup a LOW PRIORITY compared to other things.

Pickup has been a great hobby for me this year, because its been an OUTLET for a greater goal of personal development. I have enjoyed it, and encourage others who feel interested to participate in the endeavour.

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