Cut the Chodeversation, Anatomy of a Spike

Do you ever feel yourself slipping into “Chodeversation”? Like “what’s your name…where you from?…oh cool, I grew up near there myself…yeah but then I went to school in…” Yuk times! Let’s talk about making it fun… lets talk about unpredictability and spiking… Also if you haven’t already checked out Tim’s blog – do so now. Specifically “The Pounding of Passion” as it outlines step by step a very cool verbal attraction technique. Talking to me is like walking on ice – no one can predict where I’m going…or anticipate where to step next. Why?…because I say what I want, when I want – free and unbounded by social convention. I bring the truth. What is the truth? Well, the truth varies… but as a guy talking to an attractive girl…let’s not kid ourselves Too often do I see guys slipping into “chodeversation”… going interview style, or talking to the girl to simply keep the interaction going, rather than acting through intent and leading the interaction. Saying what’s really on your mind and bringing SPIKES. How do you spike? Well, simply put – a spike occurs when you introduce a sexual frame in a seemingly random way at an escalated energy level. Got it? That’s right… increase the energy level (get excited), change the subject, and make it sexual. 3 steps to a spike So common example… Girl: Right so I really wanna open a shelter for puppies with eating disorders so that they can… Guy: Wait wait wait! I just noticed this dress you’re wearing…turn around let me have a look at you! 🙂 Now, interestingly enough – spikes usually come from a place of truth. So when this gorgeous girl starts rambling on about deforestation in Arizona and you feel your thoughts start wandering in a naughty direction, that’s your spike material right there. So then, let’s take a look at an example I had lastnight… The girl I’m chatting to asks a lame question – I know where things are headed. I can either go down that dark and dull road, or instead I can make it fun and bring the spikes. Here’s how I played it… … Ryan: oh cool, yeah that’s an interesting dress you’re wearing…(or whatever random thing I was saying) Girl: Thanks, where are you from? So then, this could go downhill very quickly. In a past life I would have said something like “oh I grew up in DC but then lived in England for a while and bla bla…” Boooooorrrriiiiiiiinnnggg… Then I learned “Game”…so it became “Guess!”…LAAAAAAAAMMMEEEE Let’s get to the fucking point already! Ryan: oh cool, yeah that’s an interesting dress you’re wearing…(or whatever random thing I was saying)

Girl: Thanks, where are you from?

Ryan: Yeah I am single. 🙂 Spike I’m not here to waste time…I don’t need to go through the pleasantries, as it’s been put elsewhere, “I drive diagonally across the lanes”. Let’s get down to business, shall we… And the dance begins… Girl: Haha what!? No I asked where are you from! Think you know what’s coming next? … … Ryan: Christ, you’re too cute, what am I gonna do with you…?

Girl: (who is this man!?!?)

Ryan: Ok that’s it, it’s decided…I’m keeping you. (hug and kiss) Guys, this is how you go beyond talking to a girl…how you CREATE AN EXPERIENCE. I’ve had enough chodeversations to know they’re not fun. So when I feel the conversation sliding in that direction, I put a stop to it right then and there…to do this I change the subject and get down to the truth of the matter. What is the truth? Well it can vary but usually if I’m approaching a girl it’s because I think she’s hot…duh! And if I think she’s hot than a whole slew of other ideas come to mind And once my thoughts go there, you can be damn sure I’m not gonna slide into “oh cool…so where are you from?” Now, obviously there is a time and place for getting to know each other…but only AFTER you’ve set a sexual frame for the relationship – and one tool you can use to set that sexual frame is… that’s right, SPIKING See guys, we’re not bound by convention. We have no obligation to stick to threads, take things slow…or even MAKE SENSE for that matter. We do what we want, when we want. We say what we want, when we want! So cut the BS-filler-speak, keep it unpredictable, and bring out what’s really on our minds. Make it fun!

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