Do Girls Know Who You Really Are?

OK, this is group theory here, mainly for clubs. However, this stuff is still really important for lone girls, or daytime group sets.

OK, what is MM (Mystery Method / Group Theory)?

(btw, MM workshops are OVER.. no longer offered.. so this is not spam.. its just info that I hope will might be helpful for guys who are interested in sarging clubs)

MM doesn’t focus on entertaining groups, and it doesn’t require you to turn all mystical and weird.

The purpose of group theory is to convey attractive qualities to the target, OBLIQUELY through her friends.

There are many advantages to this:

1)            social proof

2)            since you are conveying all of these cool things about yourself to guys, or ugly girls, the target hot girl doesn’t suspect that you’re trying to impress her.. you can convey massive value, without it coming off as try-hard or bragging

3)            you get to lower the girl’s self-esteem with negs, but since her friends are all grouped right there, she HAS to stay long enough for you to proceed to pick her up (unlike lone girls, who sometimes will just pickup and leave if you neg them)

So what is the purpose of ROUTINES?

Routines are field proven, tightened, guaranteed little peices of trash, that you KNOW will garner fast social proof.  Many are not designed to attract the chick.  They are designed to get you social proof.  Going up to a chick and telling her that you may dye your hair blonde will NOT attract her.  It WILL make you the centre of attention for around 1 minute though.

The essence of the PU is NOT in your ability to successfully execute a routine.

Routines are designed to hold attention long enough, that you can convey who YOU are.

So the question is:

WHO – ARE – YOU???

By the end of a set, your target should have a CLEAR idea of who you are.  You are supposed to have CONVEYED that INDIRECTLY to her, through her group.

So say that you run a bunch of routines like The Lying Game, the ESP game, and the Spells Opener.  You do all this, and you have social proof.  Great!  Is the chick attracted though?  Likely not.

The thing that attracts her, is that a guy walked in, IGNORED her, TEASED her, and INTRIGUED her.  Then, she proceeded to take interest in figuring out “WHO IS THIS GUY???”, and you OBLIQUELY conveyed this to her through her group of friends.

Any routine that you read has to be executed in such a way that you INSERT PEICES OF YOURSELF into the routines.

So for examples, what some MM guys convey?

Mystery:  Superstar illusionist.

Papa:  International Playboy.

Twentysix:  Comedian, super fun guy.

TD: Badboy, jerk, playful.

Eddy: Caveman.

So see, the goal isn’t to just go out and run routines.  The routines are designed as BAIT to keep the group focused on you, so that you have a chance to OBLIQUELY convey an ATTRACTIVE personality to the chick.

They also allow you to INDEBT the group to you, since you were so fascinating/entertaining/exciting, that they can’t refuse your request to chat their pretty friend in isolation (who you were incidentally accidently kinda rude to).

So ask yourself: WHO – AM – I???

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