How to do Post Club Pick Up

I talk about solid game a lot in my posts, because it interests me and because its what’s necessary to avoid the player trap for the rest of our lives. But at the same time, I do fool’s mates (same night lays within around 3-5 hours) weekly. Lately, its been nightly.

Our routine is that if we don’t pull, we go down to the all night diner and pull girls out. The difference between this and a normal set, is that you have to convince the girls to come home with you within about 10 minutes of meeting them. Sounds tricky, but really its quite easy.

This is how I have done fool’s mates several times a week, for the last while. It’s my personal style that is getting me these results, and other guys have their own styles. A few guidelines for how I personally do it:

Don’t worry about Qualification phase stuff.. just PLOW them with high octane C&F material, so they become so disassociative that they can’t think straight. Use the little sisters stuff, neighbours stuff (btw, addition to neighbours routine is to say you’ll come over and borrow eggs or sugar), PVC Devil outfit, best friends, Taco Bell feed the world to save them from terrorism, South Park Routine, you and I would not get along, etc etc etc…

Oversell something you have at your house.. “we’re going to check out x-thing.. its AWESOME.. its SO COOL.. you HAVE TO SEE IT..” Oversell the fuck out of it, to disarm ASD. Do this on high points.

Use drunken pull style routines. Let her walk ahead, and then grab her and pull her back. Tickle her. Pick her up over your shoulder. Make stupid animal noises right in her face so she’s giggling. Like as in “oink oink.. moooo.. ruff ruff… MEEEEOWWW..” Yell funny stuff at her accusing her of things.. Say “you’re funny”, and “you are super fiesty” over and over.. “you’re little player girls.. go away player girls..” Talk in gibberish right into their ears in funny ways. Make C&F roleplays that make no sense at all, like you’re mischievous little muschins.. Keep her laughing for the 10 minutes it will take you to get her home or to your car.

Walk in French armlock, which is easy to get because you already said she’s your little sister and you’d walk arm in arm down the street in NYC, and every girl would be jealous of her.

If they freak out, either go full rapport mode and say “Hey, if you’re not feeling totally comfortable, I’ll catch you later.. its all cool… totally, its all cool..” or just pump more buying temperature, or do freeze outs and withdraw rapport and go dead silent.

OK, now what will happen is that the girls become very disassociative from this. The second one girl is ready to go, just pull her right there and your wing’s girl will have to come along for the ride. Tell your girl to scream at her to come, and to not let her ruin the fun the two of you will have because the thing you’re doing is AWESOME. And they’ll get back to your place, and now you have to let them calm down. This sucks, because you have played improper game by pumping them up so much. Keep the stimulation going, but slow it down more and more. Then regulate it back down to normal, but keep the interaction charged in the same way that you would on a day2.

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