Fuck Marry Kill

TwentySix on the Fuck, Marry, Kill game from the Howard Stern show

Source: TwentySix, posting on Thundercats Seduction Lair

“Marry… Marry is retard-ed… my name’s Mary and I’m a lose-er! Look at me, I’m a loser and my name’s Mar-ry!”

That’s not a direct quote, but you get the picture. When Twentysix did it, it was funny, trust me. He also likes to do that when a girl’s on a cell phone. He’ll go up beside them, act like he’s on a cell phone, and imitate the girl.

“Fuck, Marry, Kill” is a game he got from listening to the Howard Stern show. You play it by pointing out three guys in the club and telling her “You have to fuck one of them, marry one of them, and kill one of them. Which one would you do what to?”

He also shared a real novel way to use your cell phone, and how your cell phone, as a prop, can be your best wingman ever. You can act like you are the MAN on the cell phone, walk around the club demanding outrageous stuff on the cell, like you’re having a really intense conversation:

No, you tell Spielberg you shove it! This movie is getting made TOMORROW!”

He also said that if you’re at a club alone, instead of just sitting in a corner with your drink, whip out your cell and act like you’re talking on it. It will make you look less pathetic, because it’s natural to be alone when talking on the phone.

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