The Lying Game

I have had a great reaction from this game even from HBs who didn’t end up digging me.

Braid_ged : Hey, are you a good lier ?

HB : what ?

Braid_ged : can you lie, like (turns to other HB), is she a good lier ?

HB_Other : yes! she is a fantastic lier! / No, she can’t lie.

Braid_ged : Is that right? well lets see. Ok, you are going to tell me three things. One of them will be a lie. Ok ?

HB : Ok.

Braid_Ged : right.. you are going to tell me…. umm.. a place you have always wanted to visit. Ummm a shop you like going to… and…. the name of the first guy you slept with, or girl…

(HB raises eyebrow)

Braid_ged : ok guy. So that’s three things, place to visit, shop you like and first guy you slept with. Ok ?

(the whole table is now looking at her)

HB : ok.

Braid_ged : ok… hold on, take it slow, think about it you have to try and be as convincing as you can…

she tells.. you try and pick the lie… you get the idea.

Then usually someone goes “MY Turn!” and if they say to you “Your turn” you go “Are you kidding, I am not playing some silly lie game”, then turn to your wing “Yeah like _I_ and going to play some lie game, these people are crazy”.

Then go get a drink or something and let them think about what a fun guy you are. …. …. …. you get the idea.

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