Getting Lucky

Ok We are all aware of the phrase. “Getting lucky”… well; Luck = Preparation Meeting Opportunity.
Well last night I made a decision that made me realise just how much that statement shouldn’t apply to us.

The phrase getting lucky implies that we have no control over the results… or little control at least. So the essence of game should remove this, right?

A good friend of mine described luck as preparation meeting opportunity. You can’t capitalise on a “break” if you aren’t ready for it.

e.g. HB comes over to sit with you (giving you proximity) yet your fear of approach stops you from talking to her. If you were prepared and had practiced you would be able to start the conversation after recognising the IOI and get the girl…

However this runs deeper. How many of you have been in the game for a while, yet still go home empty handed… are you missing something… Something other than IOI’s or conversation hooks.

Are you prepared to get laid?

Last night I took my brand new vespa (Which I love) to China whites nightclub. However… I took a spare helmet. Why? This was a conscious choice I made before going to the club. I knew that If i didn’t bring a spare helmet I couldn’t take a girl home. I would have allowed myself to fail. I realised that subconsciously I was weighing up the decision to carry it.

A part of my mind was actually convincing me to leave it at home as it “would be hassle to carry” Though on analysis I realised actually it was a form of AA. I was allowing myself to fail to get an F-close. So that if I did well in a set and wasn’t sure if I could get her home, I could always say to myself. “no point going to get her home, you only have one helmet”

So I made the decision and took it with me.

I played in the club, Chinas on a wednesday is kinda one of my haunts. Bumped into the PUA training crowd, said hi but didn’t really mingle with them as I wanted to do some lone stuff. So I moved from table to table mingling with the groups of girls I am on pretty good terms with. The key for me here was to build up masses of social proof without my own table. So I was using contacts to get introduced to others.

Anyway. It ended with me chatting to one portugese girl. As we go to leave the club she spots my second helmet.

HB: hey you didn’t tell me you had two helmets, you can ride me home. AFC AdamLondon: Oh man… I can’t be arsed. HB:Oh come on… we’ve danced and chatted all night it’s the proper thing to do. AFC AdamLondon: Oh man I really don’t want to HB: Come on you’re taking me home. AFC AdamLondon: Where do you live? HB: White City AFC AdamLondon: Oh no man that really is far. Seriously I don’t want to. Another night. HB: Come on… Show me your bike, be a gentleman AFC AdamLondon: Ok babe… fair enough I’ll take you…

So now I ask you… Stop reading.. Who’s frame is this? Am I in hers? Or is she in mine? (mwahahahahahaha)

So we get on my bike, she negs me for poor driving, I tell her she’s wrong and that she is drunk and so thinks the road is swerving.

And we ride…

To my house!


HB: Where are we? AFC AdamLondon: My house. HB: Why? AFC AdamLondon: I’m tired HB: I thought you were taking me home. AFC AdamLondon: I am…. AFC AdamLondon: In the morning. I need mysleep first.

In we go, we get to bed, we cuddle … we don’t sleep.. We kiss… We F-Close.

Now the key here is that I couldn’t have done it if I had allowed myself to fail by not bringing the helmet. (Which ultimately got me the lay)

So beware… Be prepared. Have condoms, plan to come home with someone, and you will increase the chances of it happening if you do.

There are a lot of community guys I know that don’t prepare, they aren’t sure where or how they will take a girl home to F-Close her.

Plan yours.

How will you close them? Where?

Are you ready for success?


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