Guide to Buying Temperature, pt. 8


More esoteric advanceness…..

It’s only natural that on an emotional level, we want to increase buying temperature as quickly as possible.  Still, this isn’t always the best thing because it can break trust and it can seem unnatural.

If I want to show off to guys, I’ll pump buying temperature as quickly as possible and go for fast makeouts and extractions.  This is fun for me and is great to amuse myself, but it will often garner LMR down the line, and definetely is not ideal for getting a girlfriend.

Instead, I’ll often stack high impact material with low impact stuff.  Like I’ll actually deliberately allow the energy level of the set to decrease as much as possible and then recussitate it as I go along.

So I’ll add in peices that are INTERESTING but not high impact in between all my main bits.  For example, I’ll talk about how because I travelled for two years and didn’t get to watch the news, I didn’t realize how bad it was to watch that stuff until I came back and saw it and felt all fucked up over it.  Anything interesting and not begging for rapport with them, but at the same time that isn’t going to have their buying temperature pumping through the roof.  I’ll allow it to continue so long as attraction is there at least somewhat, and then as soon as I see it slipping I’ll turn back to tried and true hard hitting attract material.  This is a form of fractionation.

This takes discipline, because as guys’ we want as many IOIs as possible, and if we have an easy way of getting them then its tempting to just go for the juggular.  But to play a solid game, we can stack in just interest material between the high impact stuff, to moderate the energy level of the set.

It takes having a strong frame, and being obviously a very cool guy, so that the girls will be willing to listen to the dryer content.

Another benefit is that you don’t get the deer-in-the-headlights effect, which means that the girls will be more likely to contribute to the conversation, which will make Qualification more realistic.  Also it gets them working, which is useful to start the process of getting them chasing, which makes phase shifting easy.

I’ll post FRs on this later.  Point is, for guys who are having difficulty exploiting attraction, try deliberately playing with the various energy levels in set, and see how low you can go without losing the set.  Challenge yourself to get it back up.  This way, you’ll learn more about your limits, and you’ll learn more about social interaction.

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