Great Tips for Unscrambling Girlcode


“OK big truck, gear down”

“OK snuggle monkey is needing her cuddles. Whose turn is it?”

“You’re cute.  I like you (then IMMEDIATE backturn and walk off into another set)”


I’m always fucking around with new shit, and here’s the latest routine I like pulling on girls in clubs or public gatherings, to get the ball rolling – busting them on their mannerisms.

The idea is that I steal their frame, and show them that I know what they’re up to.  This seems to work well because:

  • they laugh hysterically at it, so it starts getting them into state
  • they can’t as easily use their best defenses, because they’ll look like they’re feeding into what you expect of them (same idea as trapsetting – they act bitchy “oh, you guys ARE badgirls”)
  • you show that you know the game, and therefore you have IMPLICIT social proof, because you obviously have met alot of girls in your day
  • you give them alot of comfort, because it shows that you understand alot how they feel and what they’re going through while you game them


1)            Saying they have to go to the bathroom, and blowing you off, when you say something wrong.

2)            Looking at each other constantly (“girlcode”) while you game them.

3)            Saying “hey, we’re Lesbians, she’s my girlfriend, leave her alone”

4)            Dragging the friends away, while one of them is at buying temperature and sort of reaches back like she doesn’t want to go while the CB drags her off.

5)            In a 2set, one girl is interested in the one of the guys, but the other isn’t, so she leaves so her friend isn’t lonely.


1)            When a girl says something you can misinterpret as being bad, you say “ummm.. I have to go to the bathroom”.

2)            When the girls look at eachother, say “Hey, ummmm is that girlcode?!  You know me and my friend have a code too.. Watch”.. Then, say “look, you keep doing it!” (point at their two faces) What happens is that by you SAYING it, they’ll look at eachother out of reflex, and then realize you’re right (giggle hysterically).  Then, you say “you know we have our own GUY CODE”, and every time they say something, you and your wing look all shocked at each other simultaneously.  They’ll laugh at this also.  Drop it, but then LATER on, to get a laugh from them, you can do it again.

3)            Say “hey.. umm this is my BOYFRIEND.. leave him alone”  Girls know this frame, and they know they use it all the time on guys they don’t like, so they’ll laugh their heads off.  (Of course your friends will wonder WTF you’re doing, false disqualifying yourself like this.. I noticed some guys post back “TD tells chicks he’s gay”, and I worry that guys will go out and act on this based on a third party interpretation).  So faking being gay is COCKY-FUNNY, not REAL.  It’s meant to be PLAYFULLY pushing them away (push/pull).

4)            If one of the friends is about to drag her friend away, say “hey, you’re the drag away girl.. you know I’m the drag away guy”, and then DRAG your wing off, while he looks like a deer in the headlights, and reaches his hand out to the girlset while you drag him off.  Just drag him a few feet until the girls laugh their heads off, and then come back..Congrats, the CB loves you, and you’re still in the set.

5)            In a 2set, if your chick loves you, but your wingman’s chick isn’t digging him (coincidentally usually the uglier chick, who is pissed at her friend hitting buying temperature too quickly), say to your chick “hey.. you’re awesome, but my friend is getting bored cause your friend isn’t being open with him.. I don’t want him to be all alone so we’re going to go”.  If she likes you, she’ll start social proofing your wing, saying “he’s cool.. he’s cool..” and making her friend get into your wing.  This way, you don’t get blown out of the set.  The set should split into 2 conversations at this point, and you’re both IN if you don’t fuck it up.

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