How Routines Can Help Improve Your Game

It is recommended that new guys learn material and routines because they are usually unable to hold conversations with women, and by creating a consistent 40 minute set they will get experience interacting with women on cold approaches.

Without creating a set, it is unlikely that majority of newer guys will have much success, because their lack of experience will be very apparent to the girls. They will convey many social cues that will indicate this to the girls. Even for myself, I can tell a guys’ success levels within 2-3 minutes of meeting him, and the girls are even more intuitive on this topic.

So what winds up happening, is that inexperienced guys wind up going up to girls, and saying “Hi, what’s your name? Where are you from? Umm, so yeah, what are you up to?” This, combined with hundreds of little vocal inflections/pacings/projections and bodylanguage cues, will usually add up to the girl instinctually blowing the poor newbie very quickly. That’s because the newbie has no value either in subcommunicative expression, or in what he’s saying being interesting.

By using routines and high energy levels, guys learn to hold sets, and will gain experience under their belts.  Because the material is field tested as being high octane, they will hold sets in spite of their poor inner game and its external bodylanguage and vocal manifestations.

Starting to see success

Within a few weeks, they will see sporadic success (albeit mental masturbation, but this is fine so long as internally they feel good about it) and on a subconscious level their inner game will improve and this will improve things on an external level.

At this point, though they may or may not realize it, they no longer require routines or material to hold sets.  Moreover, they were likely using as a crutch a very high energy level in sets in order to hold their attention. This is a common learning of newbies, that a high energy and an intense enthusiasm level in sets will hold the girls’ attention.

With time, their tonality will even out and become smoother. Their projection will increase and their vocal inflections will hit spikes at the right times and they’ll come across better. Their body language will naturally take up more space, and their facial expressions will react differently to shit tests and to escalations than they did previously.

On the non-verbal level, their social intelligence will increase, and they will become sharper with their humour, and more savvy as to what constitutes something that adds energy to the interaction versus something that is a manifestation of their insecurity or neediness (which many people don’t realize is something that they subcommunicate with so much of what they say – 95%+ of people screw this up at some point during the interaction).

And as that all gets better, they will be thrown into situations where the interaction escalates, and without experience most guys will botch this sort of scenario.  Game is often a sort of hyper attention. A situation where the energy level in the interaction heats up.  Chemistry, passion, etc.. The sorts of things that lead to the desired end goal. For newer guys, the energy of the situation will often be a lot to handle, without the experience. They will field it improperly, because they will either fail to maintain eye contact (this happens surprisingly often during late phases and even now with top level girls I sometimes feel the social pressure getting to me), or they will stutter and be unable to slow down the tempo and smoothly gear everything down to properly phase shift. They will fall backwards in the schedule, and their internal incongruencies will come to the surface. Many will eject and rationalize that they didn’t want to anyway, to retain their satisfaction that they got further than they previously did. The window to phase shift and go sexual has closed, and will never be opened again.

But with time this will change also. Everything will become congruent, and the snowball of social success both with women and in general will begin to increase and will finally gel into something worthwhile.


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