Guide to Buying Temperature, pt. 3


–Pump them through emotions rapidly.. (I personally use a detailed system of building routines that increase buying temperature.. basically, routines hit emotions through languaging or demonstration.. not hard.. this way I can build routines on the fly and not rely on canned material – infinite routines via proper understanding or structure and basic creativity) —

THINK MAKEUP SEX: How good is makeup sex compared to normal sex? WHY? Because you’ve been pumped through so many emotions. This is what NORMAL sex is like for chicks – hence they like badboys, they like skydiving and sex in exciting places, they like makeup sex, etc etc..

Think Swingdancing routine, think Rollerblading routine, think puppydog routines, think jerk routines, think magic, think funny kino shit like hitting them and spinning them, think cocky stuff. It runs them through various emotions FAST. Story telling must be run in a way that is melodic, and talks fast enough to keep them captivated, but also runs them through emotions at the right progression without talking fast like you’re trying too hard.

Talking from the diaphragm in a fun, non-threatening way. NOT GOING SEXUAL right away in front of her friends (this is not for picking up lone girls, I’m talking public gatherings where I do my pickup.. this is also seduction in the WRONG VENUE, save it for ISOLATION.. don’t be tacky and try to seduce her FULLY in PUBLIC). Remember, talking from the CHEST and not the THROAT is key here. You must OVERPOWER her reality with your tonality. This way of talking CUTS THROUGH the noise of the venue, without appearing like you’re yelling. Look at how your dad talked to you when he was angry. That is BAD and causes lockup and no buying temperature increase. Look at guys who have FLUCTUATING and FUN tonality. But who are also ALPHA, by virtue of their PROJECTION (diaphragm). Just TALKING without asking them boring questions will unlock and increase buying temperature.

C&F WORKS because you hit a sharp emotion “Oh that cocky guy, how could he say that!”, but because its FUNNY at the same time as cocky, she doesn’t get upset. KEY: Making them LAUGH disarms you increasing buying temperature, because the laughter disarms any discomfort.

PUSH/PULL WORKS because as buying temperature increases, chicks have NATURAL tendency to throw themselves out of state. By gaming them, but pushing them AWAY, they have PERMISSION to ALLOW themselves to go deeper and deeper into state, because they don’t worry that you’ll exploit that and fuck them “after all, he did say hands off the merchandise.. I can feel this way, and he still won’t fuck me”.. This is why chicks LOVE gay guys. Because they feel they won’t fuck them even if they hit buying temperature. So they can walk around all day at high buying temperature, and not worry that there will be consequences.

FALSE DISQUALIFIERS AND FALSE TIME CONSTRAINTS WORK because the chick says “oh well he can’t fuck me.. I can feel free to feel this”.. Or “well he’s about to leave, so I can feel free to feel this way”

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