Guide to Buying Temperature pt. 4

25 POINTS OF NOT TELEGRAPHING INTEREST WORK because chicks don’t worry that you’ll fuck them while their buying temperature increases, since you’re practically the first guy not to kino them and lean into them and show interest in them, even when they’re hot and talking to you. Hence, they react “are you gay”, because they can’t GRASP that you’re not returning their IOIs. They don’t say “are you gay” to a 64 year old gay man. They say it to an attractive guy who is turning them on, but not telegraphing interest like EVERY other guy would when she’s touching them and all that (“hands off the merchandise”), so they think “WTF, this guy’s gay”, and ask it all obnoxiously (obnoxious, because its none of their business, and they’d never ask that of a gay guy they’re not attracted to).

SUBTLETY: Not telegraphing interest unlocks and ALLOWS buying temperature to increase (because if you convey interest, she won’t
let herself since she knows you’ll fuck her), but it doesn’t necessarily increase buying temperature in and of itself. It simply grants PERMISSION to the chick to allow herself to indulge in going into state. As soon as you convey interest (eg: breach one of the 25
points), she may think “shit I can’t feel like this”, and cuts if off in a fit of anti-slut defense or whatever. SO: Buying temperature is increased by hitting many emotions rapidly, while being unlocked is more from not telegraphing interest (25 points). They are discreet, but run parallel. ONE EXCEPTION: By not telegraphing interest, that MAY sometimes increase buying temperature in and of itself, because the chick may ASSUME that its IMPLICIT social proof (ie: she’s not good enough for you, because you lay hotter chicks).


Buying temperature increases, they want COMFORT. They have COMFORT, they want SEXUAL (“phase shift”, etc). When they hit buying temperature, they say “what’s your name”, etc, because they want to KNOW the guy who is getting them all into state.

COMFORT BUILDERS (we no longer use RAPPORT, because rapport is one of MANY comfort builders.. Comfort building is the better term IMO, because we’re trying to build COMFORT into her being at high buying temperature (so she doesn’t freak out), rather than trying to get rapport, which connection, trust, commonality, divulging vulnerability, conveying personality and reverse EV, etc etc ALL serve to build comfort.. So RAPPORT is only ONE PART of comfort building): It takes roughly 4-7 hours to lay a chick from start to finish (credit Mystery for figuring this out – awesomely important, though I didn’t realize the importance at the time). Comfort building means BABYSITTING for those hours, while she slowly heats up to be ready for sex – it takes that many hours for her to be ready, unless she’s a party chick.

Talking about stuff that DOES NOT pump them through too many sharp emotions rapidly (ie: DROP C&F, drop the crazy exciting shit), but still keeps them into the convo.

Talk should convey who you are, so she can fill in the empty canvas and see the PICTURE of ‘who is this guy I’m so attracted to’ Attraction is THERE – she’s at that buying temperature. Comfort building means building COMFORT into the state she’s in, so she
doesn’t put a stop to it. include talk about how its NATURAL to feel this way for the right person..

Examples: Evolution Phase shift routine (she feels its EVOLUTIONARY that she feels like this, and backwards rationalizes), or the “I
wasn’t born with a book on what to do.. I just do what feels comfortable” (chicks KNOW the feeling that certain guys make them
comfortable, and ASSUME that they feel this way for YOU”

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