What You Need to do to be a Successful PUA, pt. 2

What else can I think of?

  • Alternating BETWEEN pickup styles.  Like after developing a perfect 20 minute set, THROW IT OUT and go totally IMPROV.  Then once you’re as good as you can get with that, go back to your perfect 20 minute set, and watch how much tighter its evolved.  Then drop it a few months later. And then go back again a few months later.
  • Creating an IMAGE.  Are you an insurance salesman?  FUCK NO.  What bullshit image will you create?  LIE.  Ignore the guys who say not to, all the best PUAs are doing it -> peer pressure, peer pressure…. don’t you want to be a cool PUA???  Have all the logistics worked out, and a GOOD story.  Be something EXCITING.  If you don’t want to lie, come up with some lesser aspect of your life to focus on, that’s EXCITING.  I remember being in NYC, and I blew off this girl I thought was a 7.  Papa got her #, and website.  She was a MODEL.  And when I saw her website, I was like “OMG, this girl is fucking HOT, yo” Imagine a girl going home and looking at some crazy-ass website that makes you seem all status.  Like she doesn’t plan to see you again, but she checks out your personal website and it has all this incredible shit on it.  And she shows her friends and they talk about it, until she WORKS HERSELF into liking you.  Mystery’s www.embracetheunknown.com site is like that.  Part of Twentysix making his REAL life congruent with his PICKUP life, is eventually creating a website that he can show girls.  Same goes for me.  That’s why I named my website www.realsocialdynamics.com, and not www.layhotties.com – so that within a year I can CLEAN IT UP, and then show it to girls with a “social dynamics” spin on it.
  • Getting clothes that make you look like you’re a “Secret Society Member”.

Even if not peacocking, something that makes you look CONFIDENT and fucking COOL.

  • Going to the gym, getting tanned if you need it, getting the best haircut.

Why?  To DE-ANCHOR all of your AFC self-images.  The new look changes your perspective, and fucks with all the people who treat you AFC.  The black dress shoes with jeans or slacks and button shirt or polo shirt suck shit.  MAKE YOUR PICKUP LIFE CONGRUENT WITH YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE.  Don’t even leave the house without looking $$$, UNLESS you have no problem doing approaches like that, because you want to INTERNALIZE that you’re a 10.  You want your thought process “go go go”, not “umm, how’s my breath.. how’s my clothes.. how’s my hair??  ok let’s go”  You want it on AUTO PILOT.

-***Looking at ALL your tendencies that are insecure and trying to drop them (fuck, I’ve fixed 90% of mine, and STILL have this SP)

  • Getting a social circle so that you can invite out your dates with friends, instead of having to do 1-on-1 dates, that younger girls won’t want to do, since most have never been on a date in their ENTIRE LIFE.  They want to just go out and get drunk and fuck guys in their social circle.  BE their social circle, by merging yours with theirs.
  • Testing high energy vs low energy pickup styles.  Learning HOW low you can go.

Learning HOW high you can go, without blowing yourself out.

Bored again. I really will finish this next time.

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