Guide to Buying Temperature pt. 7

As promised, here’s the other part of the BT stuff.

2) 2sets are EASY to fclose when you have a competent wing. Why? Because they BOTH go into buying temperature, and since NEITHER will object, it just happens.

3) The smart PUA does as LITTLE as possible to hit the next buying temperature. This way he doesn’t exhaust his material, and he doesn’t risk the girl FRYING OUT HER CIRCUITS (rock concert style), or possibly her detecting what you’re doing and cutting it off. Also, its better, because if she is ONLY at “venue change” buying temperature, then her friends will SENSE this and be less likely to object to you taking her away from them. AFTER you have her away from her friends, you can now pump her up all the way to full buying temperature, and now you’ve STRATEGICALLY played your game, so that you don’t get cockblocked.

4) WHEN to venue change? Experiment with this – but IMO a great exercise to play with (I like it, anyway) is to practise ALWAYS going for venue change as soon as you get the feeling she’d say yes. That means just sticking out your arm for her to hook arms with you, and saying “I am DYING for -whateverthing-… let’s go” (do it like she’s your little sister, who you have to cart around). Test thisfor 2 weeks, and you’ll be able to pull 75% of every girl you open for an instant date at least. But WHEN do we go for it IDEALLY? Wellthe GOAL is to have a proper comfort building LOCATION. That means that if its a superloud club, or a fast paced area, or a dark creepy area, go for the venue change ASAP, to somewhere more ideal. However, if its a good area to build comfort (not too loud or weird, and the friends are cool with the two of you getting to know eachother so they don’t interrupt), then just keep it going in that area for as long as you need. Barring both of those (time issues), move it rapidly to QUALIFY phase, so that you can get a # or a meet plan, and then she’ll be happy to meet up with you later (aka: TIME BRIDGE), where you can CONTINUE the pickup. For example, with a shooter girl, you rarely have the time to run a full pickup. The ONLY goal is to get to qualify phase as quickly as possible, and then bridge to continue the pickup later while she’s not working.

5) When to kiss/phaseshift? For me, kissing is not an ATTRACT tactic, to get a girl thinking “god I want sex so bad, let’s go!”.. It’s a COMFORT BUILDING tactic, and a QUALIFYING tactic. To avoid flakes, and improve odds of a girl wanting to go somewhere with you, we want comfort. This is why guys who smoke weed (not me) get girls home with them very easily “let’s go smoke a joint”. It’s because the girls know they have commonality and a feeling of comfort back at the guys house (they both smoke, they both feel high).. Hell, they even have the reason for isolation (illegal to smoke in public.. let’s go somewhere private). For guys who don’t use drugs, we get the same kind of effect with comfort building.

As for phase shifting, this is just ONE MORE type of way to build comfort and qualify her. You’re showing her 1- you have PHYSICAL COMPATIBILITY (so she isn’t worried “oh god, is the first kiss going to be good or not?”), and 2- she is physically good for you, so she earned it that way (you say “wow.. woooo… OOOOOOK that’s enough”)… IOW, you don’t TONGUE HER DOWN and FINGER HER in the club. You just kiss or better yet (my preference), to kiss a BIT, but then hold back. Like you’re alpha enough to kiss – you’re not scared whatsoever. You’re just not a TACKY CLUB MAKEOUT GUY of the night – you’re for real. So phase shifting and kissing is fine under the right context. It’s not hard to get hot and heavy with a girl in a public venue, but for me, I find that if I haven’t qualified her and put in my time with her first, I become the “club guy” who she gets buyers remorse for. (If you have female friends, you’ll hear them coming home from clubs with all that “I can’t believe I did that” talk).

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