Learn How to Project Higher Value

That said, I also know that high octane material is extremely useful in many areas. I know that an opinion opener is an easier way to open than walking up and saying ‘hi’, because I know that it will engage everyone and provide a tested topic of conversation that the girls will have something to say about. I know that a tight story will blow open the group because its very engaging, and it will make me seem very clever and sharp witted. I know that a good extraction routine is useful because it will allow a girl who is already attracted to excuse her actions and go with me, so that she doesn’t have to feel badly in front of her friends.

I know that while not totally necessary or anything like that, that these are the paths of least resistance. These vehicles make my life easier, and keep my results very consistent.

I also know that I can intricately lace personality conveying content into my material, which on many logical levels will convince the girl to see me again once I have left and her state has died down (hence I don’t get much phone flaking, while less competent guys will claim “Phone #s are bullshit”, which always makes me laugh and scratch my head as I think back to all the great things that have happened to me in the past year as a result of the phone – if you catch my drift).

So that said, if I could go back in time a year and give myself advice on where to improve to get where I am now, here are a few things I’d say.

Lessons for Success

Focus on learning to hold sets without a high energy level. Smoothen out the delivery, and tonality. Learn to subcommunicate higher value with the most precise, fucking smooth delivery possible. It’s good to be more INTERESTING than entertaining. Learn to be flirty and sexual, and then to pull back and get them qualifying themselves to you. Learn to be both congruently indifferent, and yet be able to shift to being forward at the same time.

Learn to master vocal projection and how it corresponds to social status. Learn to talk in a way that commands attention instantly. Always be able to convey higher social status by strength of frame. When you talk, know that everyone will stop to listen to you.

Smoothen out the bodylanguage and ease in and out of sets smoothly.

Test running with pure AFC talk, to test to see if your bodylanguage and tonality has reached a point where it can hold a set without any high octane material.

Learn to be as alpha and commanding in set as possible. There is NO WAY a set cannot open. All sets will open, and almost all sets will venue change with you. They have no choice, because your frame is just stronger. Tolerate no bullshit in set, tell them exactly what to do.

Get girls qualifying themselves to you. Learn – and this is so fucking important – to get girls to the point where THEY are the ones struggling and thinking frantically about how to keep you engaged and keep you there.  Learn to cross that social hook point, and learn when to shut up.

Learn to phase shift at the snap of a finger. Learn a phase shift so strong that girls will be sucked into it, because your frame is stronger and if you slow down and smoothen out, they will have to also because that’s just the way it is. Learn to excute it at the right time and when it’s most effective.

**And in terms of social intelligence, learn to recognize who is controlling the frame of the conversation, and to be the one controlling it at all times. I will post more on this. It is a very important topic and needs more attention. That is one of the main keys to why an average looking guy gets laid by hotties. It is so fucking subtle, but it is so important. Controlling the frame.  Always preventing it from being taken from you. It’s so easy, yet so subtle that very very few guys I know understand it properly.

Much of this stuff is what avoids phone flaking. It’s strength of frame. Pure social control and power.

It’s very late at night right now, as Mystery has had a bunch of girls running around the house all night keeping me awake. I want to write more on this, but will post this as is for now and update more in the future.

I want to leave one last thought:

For guys learning this game, stop and think more about how you’re coming across. Ask yourself, “Although what I’m doing may be helping to hold the attention of the set, is it blowing me out by conveying a lower social value because I’m too high energy and not smooth and chilled back enough? Are these people a little uncomfortable and insecure and qualifying themselves around me, or are they just along for the ride that I’m giving them with my material”.

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