Gunwitch Method 3 – Part 3

Fight Time!… and recap


A big topic that comes up a lot of times is other guys.

Say some dingbat with farts in his brain interrupts you and your new lady friend as you are running your game on her in a club or bar setting.

A simple method from my book and audio I use is this:

NEVER enjoy his vibe at all. He is way up and party guy? He is a dork. He is telling jokes and being funny? He isn’t funny at all, you don’t even grin or smile.

YOU surely cant get sucked in to ANY mans vibe or else she of COURSE will get sucked in to it also. Which isn’t productive at all for you.

Here is what I do and you should try:

Make some sort of noise to get his attention then stare him down with eye contact as he engages her and shifts to looking at you. When he looks away she will most likely look at you, you then lock eyes with her, turn to get facing away from him and at her and roll your eyes as if to say “what a dork” “what a weirdo” “what a sleazy guy” in mannerism and face, put your arm around her waist and say “oh hey I gotta show you something” back in party man vibe and direct her away from him.

Works every time and never starts any shit with the guy.


By reading any further you understand that the following is for entertainment purposes only. None of the actions from this point on should be taken under any circumstances.


What about when the shit goes down?

I get asked about this stuff all the time. Guys will be out having fun; no fault of their own and some guy will start shit with them. Some guys from other more flamboyant wild methods than my own have been pistol-whipped, punched out and slugged from behind.

I get asked a lot of this stuff cause people know I am a former bouncer, lowest of top level boxers and martial artist.

The first thing I always tell guys is to avoid places containing giant large crowds of drunk men. If you TOTALLY want to avoid fighting and bullshit or any chance of it you just have to stay out of bars and clubs in general.

Anyone who tells you there is no such thing as fights, “punkings”, and beatings at bars and clubs hasn’t been going in the WRONG places. VERY upscale places, or places with very good security don’t have a problem with this, the other 999 of 1,000 bars and clubs do.

One cannot be fully taught to defend themselves by text alone, but I can give you some strategies for if it comes up.

Right off the bat you if going in bars and clubs need to be in fighting condition of some kind. At least do some upper body weightlifting and hit a heavy bag/punching bag some to figure out your best power punches.

The textbook way to throw a punch isn’t what we are interested here.

In clubs when shit goes down you usually don’t have a lot of room to move, and grappling up on purpose is out of the question as if a guy already punched you, you want to get your licks in before security finally gets there and breaks it up as you try more complex grappling maneuvers. You also want to end shit fast and stun or knock the man out, in case security doesn’t get there rapidly and it goes “the distance” of a full minute or so.

Most knock outs are based on short arm powered punches anyways, regardless of what boxing trainers and martial artists will tell you. Putting your weight and legs and pivoting in to the punch is ideal, but not needed or as fast if everything else is in place.

First basic logic is you MUST knock the aggressor unconscious. A man shot in both legs, eye ripped out and in severe pain from a ball bat across the ribs can STILL kill you or hurt you. NEVER rely on a man to be pain compliant. Most bully types and fighters aren’t.

A sleeping man does NOTHING. Also if you use some stupid as lock and break someone’s arm or ankle, or gouge their eye out you are gonna have to answer for it, even if they attacked your first.

So it is not as effective, more dangerous AND less socially/legally accepted to try to hurt someone.

“ Hit them in the throat, kick them in the balls, kick their kneecap out” are all fine ways to cause a novice fighter pain, scare them and make them give up. They are also fine ways to scare the shit out of an experienced brawler yet leave him able and wanting to fight HARDER out of fear. Ask anyone who advocates shit like this how many pissed of hardcore boxing gym training, 250 lb, sons of terd farmers they have used it on. Always none. You have no way of knowing if a man may be a pissed off boxing terd farmer, assume he is.

Kicks above the waist to the head in a club setting in spontaneous attacks are also no counter of any use.

SO we need a nice power punch and strategy for knock outs.

1. The best punches are straight out punches and long circular hooks using shoulder, bicep, tricep and chest muscles. PUNCH HARD. This isn’t a video game or Tv show you are watching, you gotta nail it hard. I cant count the amount of even big guys I have been hit by who punch like little girls cause they put no force of will and muscle behind it.

2.You need a TIGHT fist, as this is your weapon and if it is loose will bend the fingers in on impact causing less of a jarring motion to the mans head and possibly popping your knuckles our or breaking them for lack of full support from the other fingers. SURELY I cannot count the amount of loose fists I have been hit by that though thrown by powerful punchers weren’t tight enough to cause a good impact. Test loose hand vs TIGHT hand hitting an open hand and you will see the difference.

3.Punch THROUGH not at. Gonna go a bit for the science geeks here: A knock out is caused by a pivoting or snapping of the head strong enough that it makes the brain smash against the inside of, or even rub against the inside of the skull. This causes an instant overload to the nervous system and a shock like effect to the body. SO hitting IT does nothing, you must displace the head fast enough for the brain to touch the inside of the skull.

4.HIT THROUGH THE CHIN. Following principles 2 and 3 hitting the chin is best. The chin has a nice tuft of fat on it that will stop your fingers and knuckles from breaking, it also is THE best pivot of the body.

5.Ability to realize you are hit, not hurt is a massive factor also. When a guy hits you or shoves you or grabs you, realize this is not the end of it. Boxing, kickboxing, judo, jiujitsu are all great ways to learn than aggression does not mean submission by you, something the bar sucker puncher or agitator knows from experience.

6.Hitting a heavy bag/punching bag with “TIGHT, HARD, THROUGH, CHIN” in mind until you get a great sense of power from your hits is a key. Basically when you get shoved or take a punch instantly you think: TIGHT them fists, throw HARD punches, THROUGH the guys CHIN.

7.LEFT RIGHT LEFT until he drops or you do is also a must. You cannot hit the man and then stop, see if he is ok, or if it’s over, block incoming punches and resume. Anyone who tells you different has a stupid sensei or self-defense instructor or has been watching too much TV.

As I said actual training is far better than this strategy alone. People always ask me though and I can now direct them to this instead of typing the above over and over.

Also with nothing else available or no time to train the above will serve you better than anything else strategy wise if some terd farmer decides to attack you.


Have your basic shit down. Clubs are like the final stage of a video game in your sex life.

Be cool, not cool as in awesome, cool as in relax and watch the place

Make sure your target is interesting and attractive to you; realize she is just a lover you haven’t met yet like any others have been when they were strangers. Despite her strnge state.

Wait until your target is isolated for a quick bit from friends to approach her in various styles.

Be choppy verbally, don’t think you have to be progressive from the first words out of your mouth until the time you stick it in here. This is a club, not a comedy or psychoanalysis encounter group.

Realize the vibe you give off, or the up state is what you wanna be showing, not yammering away at her all night and fixing her someplace and boring her. You just talk to not seem like an alien or like you are some weird fucker who popped a tab of X.

Ask her to get alone when her attraction to you is higher than the attraction to the place and higher than rapport she has with friends.

Realize that the club should be fun, rejections will happen and learning this is a process not a means to secure your sex life, but an addition to it.

The above is by no means my complete work. But people really seemed to want to know a lot of club specifics and even some about fights. In GWM1 and GWM2 and especially my book and audio I explain closing once alone with a chick, attraction game, basic verbal methods, basic to advanced internal frames one can use much much more.

The above is more of “MY usual way” club wise and what has worked for other guys who take it on.


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