Examining Different PUA Methods, pt.4

I remember being at a party in the Hollywood Hills with TheOne, and I started out my night by running opinion openers. Well, it went alright, but really the thing with that was that the other rich guys around me weren’t running this kind of stuff. Rather, the dudes were sitting around chatting AMONGST THEMSELVES (aka – NOT gaming sets), and when girls would pass they would make glib comments and then the girls would introduce themselves and sh*t like that, because they know that these guys are much higher value than them, DESPITE that they are SHBs.  It’s the same at hard to get into clubs. Like you don’t need to game the girls. Value is ASSUMED, because you have access to the venue. Rather, you game it like how you would at a party with mutual friends. If you were at a party with mutual friends, you probably wouldn’t walk up to some chick that your buddy brought, and bust out opinion openers right away. Rather, you’d get to know her with ASSUMED RAPPORT, and then escalate to regular gaming later on.

So with that in mind, you go:

– introduce/rapport (using the attitudes mentioned above)

– intrigue by finding commonalities so she’s like “oh, this guy could have potential”, and more importantly, by having fascinating things to say about HER SCENE, and then fascinating things in general to get her interest -attract via C&F, active ignorance, negs, takeaways

– close

See, you can’t walk into these clubs and start “gaming”. It’s ineffective.  The mere ACT of doing C&F and push/pull immediately is TRY-HARD, because the girls know what it is, and they know that the rich high status dudes wouldn’t be acting like this typically.

But, once you have ESTABLISHED the value pre-requisites, THEN you can start gaming, and their buying temperature will start getting pumped as would a normal type chick. Notice that your main challenge in this game isn’t learning more routines or better game. Rather, it’s learning how to act adopt the subtle subcommunication and mannerisms of people of high status. They act different. Go find your friends who went to private school, and go to one of their parties. You’ll see the sort of things I’m talking about. Watch, and learn. Drop the LAME parts, and keep the parts that will help you.

Now this of course is a certain type of SHB. OTOH, if you’re doing strippers and such, you have a different kind of game to run. Again, with them, you don’t run typical game. You run “stripper game”. The only guy I’ve ever seen do this with consistent success is Mystery. He has routines that show that he’s “stripper boyfriend” material. The guy actually has hours and hours of routines on this, and he’ll walk right into the strip club and pull girls right out of it. Again, my game is in his range, but because I don’t SPECIALIZE in that type of girl, I can’t pull girls from strip clubs. If I put in the legwork for 2 months, I’d be able to do it also.  The same goes for scenes in Miami South Beach, with clubs like SkyBar or Nikki Beach. When I went there, I had to adjust EVERYTHING in my game. I kept all the same attract material, but I had to change my mannerisms, clothing, and image. I’d love to go back there.

So basically, what you can get from this, is that this is not just a game thing. Like all the programs out there will advertise that you can get ANY girl with the right game.

Well this is true, but really you need the value pre-requisites also. So you need to learn the SUBTLETIES of these scenes.  You need to learn the lingo. If you want models, you need to learn SPECIFIC knowledge that ONLY people in their scene would know.  And you need to convey this in your stories. If you’re working the NYC scene, you need to know where the hottest A-List clubs are that ONLY the most socially proofed guys can get into, and then you need to spin routines where the girls FIGURE OUT FOR THEMSELVES that you have access to these places, without you directly qualifying yourself.  Get it?

Basically the elements are:

– act like you’re at a party with mutual friends

– act higher than her by ignoring things that she says, and using body language to show disinterest at various KEY times when she’d expect the opposite, so she’ll chase

– find some cool commonalities, by talking about detailed knowledge of her scene by spinning it with COOL stories so it comes across natural, not like you’re trying to prove that you’re in the scene

NOW escalate your normal C&F game and game the f*ck out of her and pump her buying temperature

seduce, or comfort build and seduce

It’s an awesome game. Have fun with it. Seek out these scenes, and go play.

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