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Gun’s first newsletter, in which he covers Socialization, Social awareness, A great last minute resistance technique, Indication, Congruence and Deja vu

Hey folks, Gun here again with my very first newsletter. As promised in my book these are only updates of the best new stuff I discover in field and understandings of psychology and the way men and women relate.

This episode:

SocializationSocial awarenessA great last minute resistance techniqueIndicationCongruenceDéjà vu

Lately I had been really super busy with my website and everything so I hadn’t gotten a chance to go out very much and pursue my own “dynamic sex life”. Ifinally threw my hands up and said, “That’s it I gotta go out” the other night.

Was a fun time out, great listening to some loud tunes, drinking some brews and shooting some pool. We all know why we REALLY go out though! Hell if a guy jerks off and kills his sex drive he wont bother to do anything but lay around and watch “Cops” on a Saturday night.

Part one “socialization”:

Right as I appeared at the club and was waiting in the line to get in, some guy standing behind me said something to the effect of “check this guy out he thinks he’s a bad ass”, I turned around looked him in the eyes and said “you got a problem motherfuker and walked at him”. He was like “no whoa whoa whoa its cool”. Thinking back to when I went out more often something like this wouldn’t have rattled me I would have blown it off, I didn’t think much more of it though as we then entered the club.

I then noticed that I noticed when people would look at me, also something I didn’t notice or react to when I was out regularly.

I kick back have some beers and shoot pool, getting a bit more relaxed with being out after like a month of keyboard time.

In walks trouble. Smoking hot chick, talking she had a body like a porn starlet and was dressed in this super high up her legs and ass mini skirt princess outfit type of thing trying to call attention to herself. Well she got my attention.

I walk over and do the hover, catch her out the corner of my eye and say “hey what’s up princess” kind of tongue in cheek, she says “what’s up YMCA” probably in reference to my leather vest I was wearing being like the leather man from village people the band.

Again now, third time I notice I am getting rattled by social shit but I shake it off and don’t think about it. I say “we got off on the wrong foot here lets not bust each others balls, come shoot some pool with me and my friends”.

She agrees and come over and shoots pool with us for a bit. She asks me if I wanna dance, and I said I didn’t really care for the song or hip hop in general. She slaps me on the ear with this wand thing she is carrying as part of her outfit and says, “doesn’t mommy let you listen to it”. Now I ain’t no pussy but this slap on the ear hurt, and hot or not I wasn’t gonna let her bullshit go unchecked, so I told her “don’t fuckin touch me” and she jabs me in the stomach with the thing. Mind you this is all playful on her part but a bit rough and annoying.

Fourth times a charm from my lack of being socialized regularly and I grab the wand and snap it in half and throw it, long story short I fucked up having done this as we got separated by bouncers over the incident. Out the window goes my chance to fuck her.

I should have just simply snatched the wand away from her and made her say sorry to get it back, as she seemed to like that sort of cocky rapport styling. Having not been in the field for so long though, I couldn’t think on my feet, nothing was on autopilot like it should have been, even my social awareness.

Social awareness:

Scientists will never create artificial intelligence. Not by the terms we think of it.

I know, I know, you are wondering where this is coming from but stick with me here you are about to get the deepest understanding of psychology of your life.

Scientists will probably program things to mimic emotions and even project emotions as in sexual state and rapport assumption from the book. Actions will be duplicated and something will have facial features that mimic what a persons facial tics emote. I am talking about real human emotion here though.

When one is born a normal healthy baby they cry out loud. You see we cry for attention, to display weakness to induce pity in others. Some may cry alone because of an ingrained sense of a god who watches over them and will pity, hence change things for them because of their tears.

MOSTLY we cry to show this to others though. The odd thing is we are BORN with this sense of our emotions being able to change the emotions and thoughts of others, hence we cry out by feeling the presence of others in the room when we are born.

Children born with, TRUE, not diagnosed so they can be put on or get a pill, autism and Asperger’s disorders do not usually cry out when they are born and rarely cry at all through their life. They in fact do not relate to others at all because they have trouble feeling emotions, the main indication of their disorder.

How does all this relate to picking up women? Well if you are more advanced you will understand already, if not I will explain:

When we, through our lives, get caught up not socializing regularly the same type of thing can set in. A lack of emotional congruency with others who are socialized sets in and we may:

Over react to things and make snap judgments because we have no ideal on autopilot to deal with these social instances.

Get rattled by things others do, that we know how to cope with in the ways we would like to ideally cope with them, but cant access because of a lack of training ourselves to access them.

Begin to try to understand others at a cerebral level, rather than at a social/what’s emoted level.

And BIGGEST OF ALL, have no underlying “love” or even appreciation for the uniqueness of others and what they have in them. When you have been alone, or with a select few for too long we begin to THINK others should THINK like us and behave like us to suit our mood.

At the same time, if not socialized regularly, we tend to end up not having any sort of vibe with others at an emotional level. This is NOT good, especially as a guy who is looking to vibe with women at a rapport and sexual level in order to get them in bed.One MUST remain socialized regularly. This is part of the importance of the missions in the book; you must go out and do this stuff regularly to get good at it, to put it on autopilot. As I found out, with a lay off from doing so myself, one must also get out regularly to maintain it. It isn’t just a thought, but something you must feel and vibe back and forth with other people.

A thought you can use to jump start the process however, if you have become un-socialized are:

See others as having something unique to offer.

Women you are meeting will say annoying shit, act flakey, not do or say what you want them to do or say etc. Sometimes it seems “people just don’t THINK” when you aren’t around enough people for a long time. Realize though that this is just their social shield, socially people feel and vibe with each other, they don’t converse deeply about the most cerebral ideas until they have a better rapport.

Alone together on an island with ANYONE you would start to open up together and you would find out she has all sort of unique thoughts and ideas and personality, she would make you laugh, she would laugh with you at things. There is too much inside a person that is a reflection of years and years of experiences to even list here, but just put a frame around each individual that says

“I know this is just the vibe stage, we have to FEEL each other out with the smallest of talk and only go on what we show each other state wise, but I know you have a lot inside you, you are a real person with a universe inside your mind I want to discover”.

BY THE WAY: As a reward for all the “I just want techniques!!!!!” guys reading this who stuck with me.“I just know you have like and entire universe in your mind that I wanna discover” then “you are also so beautiful I want to know you inside and out, so special” said in a very romantic soft way looking in her eyes with a genuine smile, can get you past last minute resistance to sex with a chick who says “I think you just want me for sex”, “men always try to use me” once alone together in bed. I have used it a couple times to legs flying open like a drawbridge. A big key is I really do believe it, that people do have all that inside them, so I don’t indicate anything.


Now this is what makes humans human. This is why a robot will never be programmed with facial tics that mimic a human well enough to fool anyone for more than a few seconds in to thinking its human.

In acting classes one of the first things they will teach you is about not indicating you are acting. If you happen to by some chance live in the LA or NY area and can sign up for some acting classes I HIGHLY recommend it.

“Human lie detector” guys operate on the same principles at a conscious level. They actually can tell when someone is lying because of facial tics, pupil dilations, and “tells” or tics that make someone gesture a certain way when they lie that can be remembered and used to tell if they are again.


Most of us don’t do this lie detector consciously.

We use emotional congruence instead. Emotional congruence is the same thing as how one assumes sexual state or rapport with someone, the “walks like a duck talks like a duck it must be a duck” principles that get her to “pigeon hole” you in her mind as a lover or someone she trusts based on the states and emotions you project.

Basically when you indicate, they FEEL your state isn’t genuine and therefore reject taking it on themselves, or in the case of a line like above in last minute resistance, she would in fact not reject the line, as she wants it too be true, as its something good about her. SO she would reject YOU, the one delivering it as disingenuous or just get a “bad vibe” from you.

Basically do not lie to women. Get yourself in to the actual states of mind and emote them first off. Then when you do speak, speak from the state, not from an attempt to tell her what she wants to hear. If you believe it, it isn’t a lie! If you believe it and say it, women will not get a bad vibe from what you have said and will take it as sincere, as REALLY it is, cause you feel it in the moment.

Congruence is based on the same principles as déjà vu is.

Déjà vu:

If you have had periods of being out and about a LOT and going to parties and clubs, or if you HAVENT you will see the truth in this:

I for a time lived in the mountains alone. I took a 22 rifle, fishing net, some rice, sleeping bag (though it was summer), pot and pan, skinning knifes for rabbits I would hunt and eat, bug spray etc. Did this a bit as an experiment and also just to get away from things in my life at the time.

One thing I noticed was that I was afraid at first. I would be scared at night a little bit, and even during the day. I guess its just human nature, when finally there is no one to “cry out to” you in fact are a little scared when you are alone until you adjust.

Second thing I noticed is that once this fear went away, I became totally de-socialized, I came across a campsite a few weeks in to having been out there, a guy and his woman. I watched them and felt totally disconnected, yet when they laughed or such I felt like I was missing something. I then came back and found others off-putting for a time, I had only spoken to a game warden the entire time, it was strange when I got back, picking up women was hard until I got back in the socialized groove.Third and finally I realized there is no déjà vu when you become disconnected from others. Déjà vu is the thing where you think “I’ve been here before, I’ve done this before, this is all too familiar”.

I later on have realized there is a LOT more déjà vu when one is around others a lot, and is socialized heavily.

Inside the mind déjà vu happens from super congruency, or so many things coming together at once that have happened before that you almost feel you have been there before. The way a seat feels, the smell of a friends cologne, light hitting the right places in your eyes all at once and the taste of a cola and cigarette at just the right time. BAM you get déjà vu.

You see déjà vu is memory without recall. When one isn’t socialized heavily they are too aware at a conscious level, so that cologne will remind them of Las Vegas or that cola and cigarette together taste maybe of junior high school. Whatever they have associated with it.

When one is totally socialized they aren’t as aware of these things happening, because they are less in tune with their recollections and more in tune with the moments and people and times. The vibe and feel all together mixed with the associations, plus a lack of so much thinking creates déjà vu.

One must go first in to a state to get someone submissive to follow him in to it as explained how to do in dynamic sex life.

It is very beneficial to be socialized, so that a less obvious déjà vu state can be created in you and them matched by her. When you really get great with projecting the sexual state and rapport states you will OFTEN get “I feel like I have known you forever” and even “you remind me of my ex boyfriend so much”. They feel it, then intellectualize it in to words, because they in fact aren’t experiencing déjà vu, but a sort of cross circuit mixture of matching a state similar to what familiar to them.

When you know you have it mastered is when you have been out a lot, around a lot of people, totally socialized yourself, not thinking much at all but just projecting the states on autopilot, then some hyper socialized party girl says:

“WOW déjà vu!” in the middle of your projecting of sexual state to her during conversation, hope you got a place to fuck her!

See you all again, same bat time, same bat channel.

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