Let her know you like her… in very specific ways.

Once the girl is attracted to you, it’s vital to let her know that you are also attracted to her, for reasons other than that she has tits and ass. This can be a very short phase, but it is essential for eliminating LMR. If you have established that a girl likes you, if you don’t make it clear that you like her, then she’ll just think you’re using her. If it’s clear that the feeling is mutual, then it’s only natural that you’ll get to know each other.

The term ‘Qualify’ seems to be used in three ways in the community: Qualifying yourself, to HBs or AMOGs, is always bad. Getting the girl to qualify HERSELF, is awesome in the attract phase. Qualifying the girl, to let her know you are interested, is what this phase is all about.

Again, here are three of Style’s attraction switches that you need to flip in this phase:1) She has special qualities that you look for in a girl2) We have things in common3) We have chemistry (we communicate)

Proper Compliments are the easiest way to communicate that you like a girl. Whereas an AFC would gush with compliments – “You’re so cool” “I like your hat” “I bet you’re really really good at it”, there is one awesome way to structure compliments such that they cement attraction.

“You are X, I like that in a girl””You have X, I find that very attractive”etc

Note that the more unique and perceptive X is, the more this will hit home. One that I use a lot is “your X matches the colour of your Y… you obviously think a lot about your appearance, I like that in a girl”.

I almost always adopt the girl as my little sister to transition into this phase. This makes it absolutely clear that you like her, while totally destroying her sexual power. By qualifying her further, you allow her the opportunity to re-assert it.

After more fluff I’ll roll into my Three Smiles routine, which really fills a girl with warm fuzzies, when it comes from a guy she is attracted to. When she smiles about something, I’ll say “you know… you have Three Smiles…” (she’ll smile) “… and that’s a fourth”. Then describe a couple, and leave the others as open loops. “Yeah, there’s one kind of fake-ass ‘who are these strange guys talking to me’ kind of smile… it doesn’t fool anyone, sweetheart. But then there’s this genuine, sunshiney smile when your whole face lights up…” Any sort of cold read on her smiles is great here.

The Trust Test, Tension Test fit in here. You can also strawberry fields if you use it to qualify, and I tend to use cube to transition into the next phase.

The QUALIFY phase can be a very short phase! “You’re cool, you should come to the next bar with us”.

Kino becomes calmer and more affectionate in this phase. Back-touches, hugs, hair touching and cheek kisses. Massage, also.

At some point, probably the conversation will naturally move on to CONNECTing. If the ATTRACT phase goes on too long, you can backpeddle with a strong QUALIFY phase. However, if the QUALIFY phase over-qualifies her, you’ll need to return to the ATTRACT phase, which is bad. If the ATTRACT phase raises your value and lowers hers, then the QUALIFY phase should bring hers up to where it is still (slightly) below yours.

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