How to be the Guy who holds their Attention

Everything I was saying in my last post comes from experience, and there’s nothing that I know of that will achieve this level of transformation other than experience. Intense experience, to be exact. That means enough repetition that the increase is inevitable.

Having made this kind of transformation, guys will not need to use a high energy level or even material to hold a set. It will come naturally, because they will subcommunicate higher social value.

People possess a natural tendency to gravitate towards those with high social status. We feel the energy of their presence. On a subconscious level, we know that they exert a large degree of social control, and that they have influence over our existence whether we like it or not. When in the room with even a B-Class celebrity, most people will feel a sort of nervousness, whether they like it or not. They will be likely to socialize with them regardless of how interesting they are, because they’re just curious to see how they might benefit.

These kinds of guys don’t need much to hold attention.  But even without this status, the average guy can learn to subcommunicate the same things. BE the guy who holds attention.

The same vibe will be projected by guys with a wealth of field experience. That’s the reason why, as counter intuitive as it seems, its actually possible for a guy to improve in this area of his life. In time, they will learn to project that same kind of high social status subcommunication, and they will not need formalized material in order to hold sets. They can also chill out their game, and slow it down. Their game can become very smooth, and the sets will go just as well as when they were over the top with energy and material.

Transitioning to Natural Game

At this point, its a good idea to shift focus seeing what kind of results you can get without any formal material.  This will change self-perception, because it causes the realization that “THIS IS ME, NOT MY MATERIAL, THAT INTERESTS PEOPLE”.

Having accomplished that and having become congruent with that crucial internal shift, bringing back in material is extremely useful. I have read many posts on this board claiming that material should be dropped once the newbie has gained experience, and I agree only to the extent that it should be dropped temporarily.

For example, I can hold a set no matter what. There is no way I can be blown out of set. It is just impossible at this point. I can linger around a set like a weirdo, and still open. I can open fairly often in front of huge 10 guy cockfarms who are making the set uncomfortable on dark streets after bar hours. I can open moving targets who have places to be. I can open with something stupid and random like “Tell me your name” and they will stop because my frame is strong enough that they will do it reflexively and they’ll do it because I fucking said so. Because of my field experience, I communicated it so congruently that their thought process immediately switched to “How do I do what he said right now”, instead of what it would switch to for most guys which would be “Who the fuck is this telling me what to do? Do I even want to listen? I have to go.”

More on this soon.

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