Tonight I was feeling a little tired so I chilled out. I was by myself, had girls approaching me, but I just wanted to watch what was going on cause I wasn’t feeling that talkative.

So at closing time, I sat back and watched the club and the social dynamics that were going on. Like I sat there looking like I was waiting for someone to come out of the club, and watched while everyone socialized outside the club before going home.

I noticed alot of frantic drunk girls, many of them mumbling shit like “I want that guy.. I want to fuck..” and then their friends dragging them away before any guy could hear it. Also, I would see girls just frollicking around. It’s pretty retarded actually. They’re like little kittens in a prairie, walking from one stimulus to the next. It’s like watching 4 year olds on school recess.

It was funny watching the way that girls treat guys. They give pretty disinterested body language to even guys they’re friends with. The way they treat guys is so wack. They totally don’t give a shit, and you can see that guys are just like the next stimulation and not something that they take very seriously in their reality. All the girls just wander around, and then giggle and hug each other randomly. Fuck, I’m so glad I know this shit and don’t have to get treated like all those dudes.

The funny thing also is watching the guys the girls respond to. I’ve known this forever (since its a huge part of my game), but it was funny just watching it. It’s always the guys who don’t react to being groped that the girls grope and grope.

You see the natural players at the end of the night, trying to pull. The girls are drunk, and they’re resisting but the players just keep gaming them and running their shit. It’s like a nature video where the mating shit is getting worked out. You can see as some players understand how to effect them emotionally, while others will crack and use some logical reasoning to move them, which doesn’t work. Or some players don’t have a firm gameplan on where to take them (since they can’t say “let’s go home”), and the girl will be about to leave, but he’s indecisive and her logical brain re-engages and she’s like “actually I’ll just catch you later”. Boom, easy come easy go.

It’s like deals are being negotiated. You also see these 2sets of chicks who will sit there looking bored, just waiting for guys to approach them. And you see guys who are leaning in or buying beers or boring them, not getting anywhere. But sometimes you see these guys who will run the set properly, and the set will naturally split from a 4way convo to two 2way convos (this is a NATURAL element of buying temperature in 2sets, where the convo will split if they both like you and girlcode that to each  other.. I can FAKE this also by FORCING a split, which my wingmen know that the second I disengage the group and focus only on one chick, that means that its time for them to engage their one chick). It’s funny though, to watch this go down.

The interesting thing is that the guys who have game aren’t using that much great verbal material. Although they are C&F, the girls are giggling just from nothing, because they are SUBCOMMUNICATING the right things through body language/tonality. Alot of the natural guys hold back, or even cross their arms, coming across like they’re judging the girls, and deciding whether or not to unlock for them. Of course I can do all this shit 10X better than the naturals, because I’m so conscious of it. So I can consciously manipulate my subcommunication, which rocks.

Also, you see a lot of natural alphamales grabbing the girls and carrying them over their shoulders, and yelling shit and doing dumb playful shit like hip bumping the girls and being funny in a nonsense sort of way. You see they don’t really care about anybody and don’t regard anybody much, and they just yell nonsensical shit, and then the girls start crawling all on them.

At the same time, you see they don’t have the skills to pull like this, because the girls still wind up leaving alone.

Another thing I noticed was (again, I’ve known this forever) that the guys who have the most booming tonality are the ones people pay attention to. Alphamales have resonous noise-clutter-cutting voices. They speak from the diaphragm and its cuts over all the other noise, without it sounding like they’re yelling. I do this also, its a huge part of my game. I can talk in a way that will be heard all around me, but doesn’t come across like I’m yelling.

Notice also that when you YELL at a chick in a funny way, she starts giggling uncontrollably and grabbing you. It’s like when girls get all hyper and yell dumb shit like “AAAAHHH.. I’M SO DRUNK” and her friends will scream with her.

It’s so fucked up. I do this shit on girls all the time. I yell shit like

“HOW DO YOU GUYS ROLL WITH HER?!?!?”, and “I’M NOT TALKING TO YOU ANYMORE YOU’RE TOO WEIRD!!” (to 10s who I’m deep in set with)

You can also see that nobody has the guts to come to the venue alone. Everyone came with friends.

The little bodylanguage twitches are so interesting. The way girls face guys, and what SPECIFIC actions/bodylanguage/tonality/gimmicks/topics/indifference (the last one in particular) cause girls to face the guy and pay more attention to him.

And you can see the more beta guys who put their arms around the girls, and the girls grip is loose, but the guy is holding her of his own force. The more alpha guys will hold her, but will disengage it first and will turn around and look at their friends and not give a shit, and the girl will say something to get his attention back and then he’ll re-initiate.

All fun to watch.

Anyway, it was interesting to me personally. Not sure if this is of any interest to anyone else…

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