How to Handle Mixed Gender Sets

Okay when I look guys in a mixed gender set and analyze them I have one of two choices.

1) If they CAME with the set (they’re there “together”) then its NEUTRALIZE.

2) If they’re just meeting them that night, then its BLOW THEM OUT.

So if the guys are with the girls, I cut them down, until THEY are chasing rapport with ME.  Then I make friends.  But if they don’t know the girls before now, I just roll in and literally PLOW them with my better tonality blitzkrieg-style.  My tonality is specially geared towards cutting through noise in clubs.  I talk from the diaphragm, and it cuts over all other noise while not appearing that I’m yelling.  Girls are like deer in the headlight around it, which is why I’m able to cut over all other talking.  I find that often while I’m gaming sets, girls from around the area will start coming over to check me out, because they hear the voice cutting over everything, even though it doesn’t sound like I’m actually YELLING.  They say weird shit like “I like your voice”.. It just sounds like I’m talking, but its cutting over all music/talking/noise.  I also have inflexions in my voice that I learned from meeting the best guys, that come across playful and cut out the guys immediately.

Pattern Breaking

The key here is PATTERN BREAKING.  For example, we all have patterns.  If I go to shake hands with you, but then I cut you off just as I’m about to shake it, you’ll be STUNNED for a second.  This is a natural response.

So this goes for false opinion openers.. (pattern-breakers in ‘*’):  “Hey guys, I need a female opinion.. do girls think that the rockstar David Bowie is hot? short pause, not long enough for them to answer, my friends little sister just got a poster of David Bowie.. That is an OLD MAN.. he is OLD.. do YOU like old men???

  • “guys” breaks pattern of them being called “girls”, and disarms
  • “need” disarms asking permission.. rather than setting their brain on a “can I get” train of thought, where her thought process has to DECIDE whether or not to reply, you just say you “need” it, so she has to listen
  • do “girls” think that, implies that you don’t care what SHE in particular thinks, and you are just using her as a SPECIMEN for a female opinion
  • the short pause, just too short for her to answer, allows you to barrel through and cut over all her thought processes and those of the guys.. she then BACKWARDS RATIONALIZES that because she’s been chatting you for 2 minutes, that you’re in a conversation, and doesn’t resist it
  • “do YOU like old men” is an accusation.. it gets her buying temperature up, because you’re accusing her of things, which conveys you as authoritative, and gets her into a qualifying frame

I’ve told you guys loads of shit about AMOGGING now. Should all be good if you practice it and get it down.

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